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In today’s online space, proper design and development of a website is key. It’s key when it comes to search engine optimization. It’s key to gaining repeat visitors, and it’s also key to developing engaged users on your site. As the attention span of online users continues to drop, the requirements of good design and development continue to increase. If you’ve noticed a high bounce rate for your website, or if you aren’t creating the sales you’re hoping for, or if you are simply looking to establish your brand as a highly credible source, having a professionally designed and developed website can be the key.

  • Planning

    Gadzoog Group

    The planning phase is all about you. We take the time to understand your goals, audience, and ideas. Are there business objectives you have in mind? Who are your customers, and what websites are they frequently visiting? Who are your competitors? Are there site features, or other ideas, that you might already have in mind? This is the initial stage with which we work in. It works to support you.

    Based on your requirements, a site map is then developed which works to define the general concept of your site. Every user must be able to find their way through your site. No one should be lost. This stage is developed so that we all understand, specifically, what the site will consist of.

  • Design

    Gadzoog Group

    The requirements and information that have been determined in the planning phase are now ready for design. The usability, visibility, and graphic look of your website are all determined within the design phase. We start by developing the visual layout of the site by building wireframes and other design elements. These are all the building blocks for your site.

    Mock-ups are built so that modifications can simply be made. Your input, and ultimatex review, are necessary. It’s this phase which builds the final look of the site. Our team of web and graphic designers work to develop your vision. One that’s right for your customers. One that sets you apart from your competition. You’re unique – we know that. Our design will illustrate that.

  • Development

    Gadzoog Group

    The programming of your site now joins the overall story of your sites development. The end solution that’s implemented needs to be appropriate for you based on traffic, load, scalability, and upgrade costs. Gadzoog’s web development solutions include web site applications, web based internet applications, social network services and much more. Our development team pays special attention to efficient coding standards, database management, and the dynamic display of data.

    Overall, the development stage involves the development of your specific framework. All templates are coded, tested, and verified. By the time the development phase is complete, your sites content will be ready. While we test the site as we go, which prevents future costs, usability testing is also implemented within the development phase.

  • Launch

    Gadzoog Group

    Your site is nearly ready for public consumption. Before this happens, any final polishing must first be conducted. Whether it’s design, interactivity, features, or overall user experience, everything is examined and tested as meticulously as possible. We know the importance of your sites launch.

    Your visitors should never encounter an error, a spelling mistake, or an invalid link. Gadzoog works to ensure your first impression is a positive one. Your site is then made live. It’s ready for consumption. One more final test, and cross-browser check, is conducted. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Your launch should be a moment of happiness – let’s keep it that way!

  • Web development that works for you

    Gadzoog Group

    Whether you’re looking for customized web apps, e-commerce sites, or anything in between, Gadzoog is here to help you make a difference. We ensure our development solutions are convenient from a cost and servicing standpoint. Your site needs to contain the efficient creation of content, we make this happen. Your site needs to be friendly for search engines, we make this happen as well. Need dynamic modifications or the ability for multiple user management? No problem. We can make this happen too.

    A website, in today’s space, is a prime piece of real estate for your business. Beautiful design, and top-notch development, all matter. They matter for you, and they matter for your customers. Gadzoog works to make a difference for the both of you.

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