Social Media Marketing

What you do have complete control over is relationship building, advocate building, and lead generation.

Gadzoog’s social media marketing services can work for you in important
areas such as public relations, sales, customer service, recruiting new
employees, and improving your internal communications.

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The way we manage social media marketing is the way we treat all of our service offerings. We focus on business objectives, and translate them to measurable, effective, revenue generating tools. Social media isn’t a fluffy tool to use simply because your competitors are using it. It’s a tool that can be harnessed to truly affect your business. Our process aims to make this happen.

  • Strategy

    Gadzoog Group

    Our strategic process aims to understand the complete environment you’re working in. We start by assessing your needs as well as your present opportunities. Understanding your business is key. Factors such as your competitor’s social media use, along with determining where your customers are located on social media, are all examined. If you’re already utilizing social media, a complete and extensive social media audit, which aims to understand your current presence on social media platforms, is performed. The goal here is to determine niche opportunities, along with key tactics, that aim to reach both potential and current customers.

    Once your customers are located on social, we work to develop your profiles on the platforms that are right for you. Not every business needs to be on every platform, therefore, we make informed recommendations as to which platforms will likely produce the best ROI for you.

  • Content

    Gadzoog Group

    After your profiles have been created, and are visually appealing, the next step is to produce the content that fulfills your users’ needs. Content should be a combination of targeted aggregation from other sources, as well as custom developed content that your customers will love. Utilizing our team of writers, editors, researchers and designers, we have you covered on all aspects so that you’re producing quality, relevant, shareable content specifically developed for your customers.

    Content production is not a one-shot affair. Rather, it’s an ongoing process. This process involves the development, analytics, and enhancement of all content. As every platform is unique for its style of content, our attention is always focused on what your customers are responding to. Otherwise, you’re creating content simply for the sake of creating content. You don’t want to operate this way, and we don’t either.

  • Engage

    Gadzoog Group

    Social media is, obviously, a social tool. If your only actions on social are re-creating a bullhorn marketing mentality, your customers will quickly lose interest and might instead decide to pay attention to your competition. We combat this by ensuring, daily, that your customers are engaged. This engagement helps to develop relationships, and eventually, advocates of your brand. This type of engagement can involve blog commenting, reputation management, direct messages and mentions, commenting on customer comments, and more.

    On social media platforms, customers want to engage and receive some sort of value – be it emotional or tangible. Engagement is the way to move your relationships forward and convert your customers from passive listeners, to active engagers, to paying customers. By engaging with your customers in the right way, you have immense opportunities to have them tell their friends, and what’s better than a recommendation straight from a friend?

  • Monitor

    Gadzoog Group

    Besides acting as a great communication tool, social media is a fantastic way to monitor online conversations. These conversations can involve your brand, your competitors, or provide the resources to locate potential leads. Social media monitoring also allows you to gather free customer research. What are your ideal customers talking about? How can you relate to them better? What sort of needs are they presenting on a daily basis? What type of content do they love? These are the kinds of research we’re primed to seek out.

    By monitoring social media feeds, you also have the ability to successfully manage your reputation. Never let a customer speaking negatively about your brand go unanswered. Instead, stop negative conversations by engaging successfully with customers. Be sure to connect with the customers that are speaking positively with your brand. Seems like a lot of work doesn’t it? It is. Gadzoog takes the trouble out of all of this and ensures positive discussions about your brand are occurring. Monitoring your social media streams is a never ending process. We don’t stop so that you can rest easy.

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