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Gadzoog’s Search Engine Optimization services are designed to help your business generate increased sales

Our process is divided in to four categories that all work to unify
a holistic approach to your SEO requirements. Each process
works as a direct benefit to you by providing an increase in
search engine rankings.

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The frequency of Google updates that penalize shoddy SEO practices are increasing. In working with Gadzoog, penalties aren’t to be worried about. We provide a true SEO service that provides true, measurable, results.

  • Becoming All Knowing

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    As no website and client are the exact same, a research phase is always implemented. This phase works to identify and study your niche, your ideal customer, your business goals, and your competition. A plan of attack is then developed which works to serve one main goal – penetrating page one of the search engine results page. In order to accomplish this goal, we first need to identify a broad list of keywords which are relevant to your site and your customers, which are competitive, and which are attainable. Clear and concise goals are then developed which detail exactly what is to be accomplished. This information is provided so that we both know we’re on the right track. Transparency is key.

  • Your Site Is Primed For Search Engines

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    On-site optimization ensures that your site is friendly for search engines. There is obviously a delicate balance here though, as your site also needs to be optimized for your customers. In order to do this, we take the time to ensure that the HTML of each page is fully optimized. Besides this, the URL structures and the visible layout of each page must be optimized. In short, we’re working to optimize traffic and conversions.

    In-depth on-site optimization also works to ensure that meta descriptions and meta keywords are fully optimized. Your robots.txt files is configured properly, a sitemap.xml file has been created, keyword density has been optimized, as well as website redirects, link structuring, canocilization, and many other factors.

  • Getting Your Site Found

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    If you have high-quality websites linking to you, search engines will tend to think that you must be important. On the other hand, if countless low-quality sites are linking to you, search engines will think you aren’t all that great.

    So how do you get high ranking sites to link to you? We work tirelessly to gain links to your site from a diverse pool of high quality, niche specific sources. Link building is just the start, but other processes are implemented which can involve directory submission, Google Analytics registration, guest blogging, social media creation, local SEO, and more. We work with you to ensure you get noticed in all the right ways. If you’ve worked with an SEO firm in the past that has got you penalized by Google, then you already know why so many have chosen Gadzoog for their search engine optimization requirements.

  • Proving Success

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    In developing a solid plan with attainable goals, in working to optimize your site from an on-site and off-site perspective, it would be impossible to know the effectiveness of strategies if it weren’t for analyzing. How else would you measure success or progress?

    We work with a variety of metrics that provide you with accurate and useful information which detail the effectiveness of your campaign. You have complete insight towards the links, traffic, and keyword rankings. You also have insight towards your competitors so that weaknesses can be discovered, and opportunities acted on.

  • Gadzoog Makes a Difference

    Gadzoog Group

    SEO is not a “set it and forget it” task. It’s ongoing. It’s also very intensive and in-depth. There’s really only one way to get started – get in touch!

    We’re ready to understand your business, your customers, and your competition. We’re ready to work with you to get noticed. Today is a great day to start.

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