Reputation Management

In order to take action on many of these areas of concern, a superior knowledge of search engine optimization is key

There are plenty of potential customers who are searching for you or
your company online before visiting your website or making a purchase.

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If you’ve ever experienced negative postings, negative feedback, or poor testimonials on forums, social media, or other websites, you might require reputation management. If you’ve ever experienced scam allegations or poor product reviews and have felt that your company’s reputation is being tarnished, then you might need reputation management services. If you’ve thought about protecting your company, brand, or products, from negativity which can either be truthful or not, then you might require reputation management services.

  • Monitoring

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    A consistent step for all reputation management strategies is monitoring. Without it, you’d never know what’s being said about you. If there are negative review trends, key sources to problems, or any particular reason for customer dissatisfaction, we’ll know about it, and so will you.

    By setting up monitoring across countless platforms and websites, we enable you to stay on top of anything negative or positive. You should know both. Even more, you should know the instant these comments occur. Leaving negative comments to sit for weeks is begging for problems. Letting positive comments go unanswered for day’s shows customers you might not care as much as they want you to. By effectively monitoring all conversations surrounding your brand, all bases are covered.

  • Management

    Gadzoog Group

    Should you have negative comments surrounding your business, we work to ensure your customers never see them. We can enrich your first page results and manage a positive reputation via constructive links from quality sites. We can ensure that a large spectrum of blogs, social-media platforms and wiki pages will all testify for your positive service and products. In addition, we can develop custom profiles, along with other types of content, for you and your business. All of which will ensure positive mentions of your business.

    If there are any negative online comments surrounding you or your business, we can ensure that they’re pushed from the first pages of Google to lower ranking positions. How? Our SEO expertise and strategies will result in outranking any negative comments about your company from search engines. Why? We know that the majority of individuals don’t move past the early pages on Google.

  • Control

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    By monitoring and managing any online brand mentions, we’re effectively controlling the public perception of your brand. In addition to this, we also work to provide you with valuable insights from all reviews, positive or negative, that reflect your business. We provide the ability for you to control how your processes are affecting customers. You can never know something is broken, until you’re told it’s so.

    Reputation management is about how you deliver on the promises made to your customers. We can help you to ensure that your customers are positively experiencing the promises made. We know you want happy customers.

  • Activation

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    With your video now complete, it’s ready for the world to see. We can post it to your company website, social media sites, or have it included in your email marketing campaign. Have blogs, microsites, or even cinema that you’re looking to have this video launched on? No problem. Gadzoog will be with you the whole way and will simply your launch for you.

  • Your reputation is positive with Gadzoog

    Gadzoog Group

    At every moment of the day, there are countless articles, videos, photos, or comments posted online. It’s now so much easier to compare products and prices online. As customers can now find information about your business online, this is generally a positive thing. At times, this isn’t the case. Negative information can draw in your potential customer’s attention and permanently affect their perception of your business. At the speed of which information is posted, this can quickly spiral out of control. While you can’t control what people post, you can control how it’s managed. In working with Gadzoog, you can ensure that every brand mention is monitored, managed and controlled. Your customers want to hear good things about you – we ensure they always do.

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