Pay Per Click Management

We strive to help your customers find you, and ensure you find your customers.

Pay Per Click advertising is an extremely effective way to advertise online.
Google display campaigns can reach 80% of global internet users. It’s also
been determined that businesses make an average of $2 in revenue for
every $1 they spend on Adwords

Gadzoog Group

Gadzoog’s Pay Per Click Management services are designed to ensure your success and actually produce results that will improve your ROI. We work to drive the right traffic, at the right moment. We strive to help your customers find you, and ensure you find your customers. We also have a keen interest in ensuring your customers are finding you – and not your competition.

  • Strategize

    Gadzoog Group

    The best PPC campaigns will continuously make adjustments in order to be highly optimized. In order to get to that point, we first need to understand the overall goals of your company. Who are your customers? Who are your key competitors? Are these competitors also utilizing PPC? These are all highly relevant questions that provide the foundation for your campaign. We also want to understand your budget, your risk tolerance, and what you deem to be a successful campaign. Gadzoog will also work with you to also understand any seasonality your business may face, future promotions, sales, and offers.

    We then move on to keywords and phrases research that are relevant to your company and your target audience. This area of our PPC strategy is extremely valuable as it works to select appropriate keywords based on the monthly search volume, competition, and cost-per-click rates.

  • Create

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    Once a list of highly targeted and competitive keywords are selected, the creation phase begins. We don’t work to develop one single ad for your keywords. Instead, we develop numerous ads with various copy that are all communicating to your target customer. There are no guarantees in ad development. This is specifically why numerous versions of your ads must be created, and finally observed. This makes sure that the best ads are present, drawing in the most customers, at the lowest possible bid.

  • Optimize

    Gadzoog Group

    Every day, your PPC campaign is monitored. All add variations are examined. All click through rates are questioned, and your bid rates are always optimized. Optimized is a key word here. PPC campaigns can allow you to easily spend much more than required. By optimizing your PPC bids on a daily basis, we’re working to ensure that you’re receiving the most traffic to your website, and spending the least amount possible.

    In identifying which ads are performing best, we’re able to narrow in on the ads that are most effective to your segment. By focusing your ad dollars on the most effective ads, you’re working to ensure that slow performing ads aren’t absorbing your advertising dollars.

  • Expand

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    In order to expand on your PPC campaigns, you need to know what’s working. To achieve this, we first provide total insight into the effectiveness of your campaigns. All click-to-sale and click-to-lead conversion rates are reported on. Comparisons are provided which show the campaigns performance compared to past campaigns. Successful ads are highlighted. ROI reports are provided to measure your budgets effectiveness. It doesn’t stop there.

    To allow a successful ad to remain stagnant would be a poor choice. Instead, we work to enhance on the campaign and expand. Could these ads be moved to platforms such as Microsoft, Facebook, Mobile Search, or other Display Networks? Can this success be replicated? Can better results, and a better ROI, be provided? If we’ve reached success once, let’s do it again.

  • Gadzoog Brings You Customers

    Gadzoog Group

    Your PPC campaigns are tailored so that they’re as unique as your business. They are also customized specifically for your customers. There is no “one size fits all” approach. Such an approach would be reckless. Instead, we manage PPC campaigns so that they are right for you. We work to get you results faster. Your landing pages will be optimized. Our PPC management services are integrated with our SEO practices. This means your sites visibility will never be compromised.

    Pay Per Click advertising is one of the most effective, and efficient, ways to market your business online. In the highly competitive world of internet marketing, using PPC advertising can drive the most qualified traffic to your site. Qualified traffic equals customers. Customers turn into sales. Sales is revenue. This is most definitely your focus. It’s our focus too.

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