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Mobile user’s access maps, news, applications, online retail, download content, use email or play games.

We’re available for businesses who seek to communicate with their
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Mobile user’s access maps, news, applications, online retail, download content, use email or play games. More and more users search for information about products even while they are looking at it in store. What they find is important. Their buying decision is highly influenced by this one small device. With a growing appetite for mobile social content, a mobile marketing campaign can help you grow your business, and reach an exponential amount of potential customers.

  • Research

    Gadzoog Group

    The initial phase of our mobile marketing offering is in-depth research. We work to holistically understand your business, customers, competitors, and market trends. All of this information has a significant impact surrounding the possibilities available to you on mobile. We spend countless hours looking to understand what your customers are doing on their mobile devices. Is it browsing? Gaming? Social media? Texting? You may not be certain of these answers, but we’ll find out.

    Understanding your customers is key in this medium. You simply cannot build a strategy and disregard the actions of your customers. Instead, your strategy needs to be built around your customers and their daily actions. We take care of this, so you don’t have to.

  • Design

    Gadzoog Group

    When we’re designing mobile campaigns, interaction for your users is made to be simple. The same can be said for other mobile products and solutions. If we’re designing a mobile site as part of your mobile marketing campaign, ease of interaction is a key factor. Of major importance is this – if you’re developing a mobile marketing campaign, every element your customer comes into contact with must be optimized for mobile devices. Gadzoog ensures this happens.

    As a successful mobile marketing campaign starts with appropriate strategies for your customers, all elements are designed with your customers in mind. When appropriate, mobile marketing can be entirely local. Each location is unique and you must meet your customers where they are. The design of your campaign will be right for you, and your customers – no matter where they are.

  • Develop

    Gadzoog Group

    Once your campaign has been designed, along with all additional elements such as mobile websites, applications, advertising and promotion, the work then moves to the complete development of all elements.

    Mobile marketing is, at many times, permission based. Smaller businesses have fantastic opportunities to ask their customers to sign up for text message alerts. In doing so, you can send text messages containing special offers or links to mobile optimized landing pages that host announcements and offers. SMS messaging has a much higher open rate when compared to email messages. Mobile advertising is also a key area to focus on. Whatever your campaign includes, you can be certain that Gadzoog is utilizing the most recent advancements in mobile marketing, and are developing the elements that your customers will feel comfortable in connecting with you on.

  • Marketing Where Your Customers Are

    Gadzoog Group

    Mobile marketing can drive engagement, loyalty, and sales. Through mobile marketing, you can communicate with your customers more efficiently. You can ask them to respond to calls to actions. You can prevent being ignored. You can speak to your customer on their terms. This is what they love, and what they are now coming to expect.

    There is a perfect time to expand your marketing strategies to other channels. A time when you can expand your reach to more customers. A time exists where you can boost brand engagement, utilize targeted offers, drive purchasing behavior, and utilize technology to boost sales. Mobile marketing is the answer, and the perfect time is right now.

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