Email Marketing

A good email marketing campaign reflects your business values, and helps your potential customers

Email marketing is the use of email to distribute information and
marketing materials such as newsletters, ads, or promotions to
your prospective customers.

Gadzoog Group

Gadzoog can help you to develop highly effective email marketing campaigns that your customers will enjoy, not hate. We simplify the email marketing process for you. We can send direct promotional emails in order to engage new customers, or enhance the loyalty of existing customers. In working with Gadzoog for your email marketing requirements, you can have complete confidence in our team of designers, writers, and marketers. Our experience has proven success. Let’s make success happen for you.

  • Build

    Gadzoog Group

    Gadzoog’s email marketing services can help you to build a list of qualified leads for your business. Email marketing to a list of zero certainly won’t be effective. Marketing to a list of countless, interested, leads is a whole other story. This is the type of story we love, and we’re sure you’ll love it as well.

    We provide you the strategies to develop and grow your email marketing list. Take our proven approach, utilize it via multiple channels, and watch your list grow. If you’re already working with an existing list, we can ensure your list is clean and effective.

  • Create

    Gadzoog Group

    When you’re ready to contact your list, Gadzoog ensures complete effectiveness. Fail in developing a quality email, template, or proper tracking can risk a large percentage of your list. The effectiveness of this asset diminishes quickly. You can eliminate this risk easily by partnering with Gadzoog.

    Our marketers can segment your list to ensure maximum effectiveness. Our copywriters ensure the best possible content for your emails. Our designers ensure a beautiful look. Your customers expect this if they’re going to pay attention. Our developers ensure your email template will show up beautifully, regardless of your customers’ viewing device. Landing pages are developed when needed. Social media sharing is implemented. Everything is consistent. Our quality assurance team ensures everything is working perfectly. Your risk is immediately reduced, and we can focus on growing an asset, not losing one.

  • Deploy

    Gadzoog Group

    Deploying your email is more than simply clicking “send”. Instead, filters are set up based on your emails recipients. Quality assurance is provided one more time – no mess ups! All segments are verified, and finally, all recipients receive the email. Have you felt the thrill of this? Knowing hundreds of thousands of current, or potential, customers are all about to receive a beautiful email communication that they’ll love? We experience it often. We love it. You will too.

  • Reporting

    Gadzoog Group

    You still deserve more for your email marketing services. After your customers have been contacted, everything is tracked. How many emails were opened? Did any bounce back? How many links were clicked? Which links were they? How many sales were generated? What is the conversion rate? Can we judge, based on past performance, which day of the week or time of day is more effective? How did this campaign perform?

    So many questions need answering, and we’re here to provide the answers. Everything is reported on so that you can view the complete effectiveness of your campaign. You’ll already have seen the sales, but you deserve to see more. You deserve to see our attention on improving conversions and open rates. We never strive for “good enough”, we strive for the best.

  • The Best for You

    Gadzoog Group

    The immediate results of our email marketing campaigns can be easily assessed as email promotions generate actions. These actions include sales, downloads, registrations, or inquiries. We’re all about actions. As every email marketing campaign produces data that can be used to improve your future messages, actions increase frequently. Email marketing, it could be said, is an actions generation business. Your business is definitely in action when it’s working with Gadzoog.

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