Conversion Rate Optimization

Ranking high on search engines and experiencing heavy traffic is not the entire story for a successful business.

High traffic is important, but more important is to have a high conversion
rate. If you have a website, and conversions aren’t happening, you have a
problem. Conversions are the lifeblood to your site.

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By analyzing what’s working, what’s not working, and then testing different alternatives, Gadzoog can provide conversion rate optimization services that will make a world of difference for your business.

  • Investigate

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    Conversion optimization is a never ending process. It’s cyclical. The first step in the cycle is to investigate your key goals and develop metrics against these goals. We are building a baseline for all future measurements. Why? Because while we’ll be measuring and observing analytics, every change has an impact. Observing this impact is key.

    We’ll also be communicating with users and monitoring their feedback. Whenever changes are made, analytics and user feedback can be measured with the baseline information. We need to understand who your users are. Are there different visitor types? Different intentions? What about their objections? This, along with user experience problems, can all be determined by communicating with your sites visitors. By thoroughly investigating all areas surrounding conversions, we can then develop logical tests which aim to optimize conversions.

  • Implement

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    The only way to determine the best possible optimization is to implement changes and monitor the results. Wireframes are developed first. The wireframes are built with conversion in mind, and are the starting point for your new page. A new page that’s persuasive, user friendly, with the right copy, and the right design. Before implementing any of these wireframes, initial usability tests are performed, changes are made, and the pages are finally developed and ready to go live.

    This implementation phase involves every member of our team. Project managers, graphic designers, web developers, copywriters, marketers. Everyone is on your side.

  • Test

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    Your new pages are live. A/B and multivariate testing is now in effect. This is a continual process that aims to provide answers to experiments. We can’t know true results without testing. When possible, user interviews are again conducted. All metrics are then measured, and observations made against the baseline numbers determined in the investigation stage.

    At this point, we now have some key questions answered. We know how your value proposition is coming across to your visitors. We can see the relevance of your content. We know how urgent your call to action is. We know what is working better, and can see your conversion rate increase. Everything is measured. These measurements allow us to determine what works best. This is how your new conversions will generate more sales

  • More Sales

    Gadzoog Group

    Conversion optimization means that you get more sales from your website traffic without spending additional money on advertising. Routine site maintenance costs, even customer support costs, can be lowered. Your customers, in the end, will value you much more. You’ll notice this value by your increased revenues.

    By utilizing Gadzoog for your conversion rate optimization requirements, you’re working with a team that has your business objectives in mind. Every investigation, development, and testing phase builds on success, and provides results. If earning more sales seems like a good idea to you, get in touch with us and see what we can do.

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