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Will June bring a Google PageRank update?

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We’re half way through June, and there are many bloggers and webmasters who are waiting in anticipation for a PageRank update from Google. While PageRank is not a total indication of your search engine optimization efforts, it has turned in to a bit of a status symbol and can provide some bragging rights in the online space.

PageRank was named after Google’s Larry Page and is a form of link analysis. It works to measure the overall importance of a link. Having links pointing to your site with a high PageRank sends strong “PageRank juice” or signals to your site.

Page Rank & Search Engine Optimization Example

PageRank, it should be said, is merely one of 200 signals that Google utilizes when it comes to ranking your website. PageRank is not SEO, but is a small area within search engine optimization. Google themselves regularly tell it’s users to not even worry about it. This is why Google releases PageRank updates so infrequently, and also why they removed it from Google Webmaster tools – it isn’t entirely important and they want you to stop caring.

That being said, people do care. Bloggers care, webmasters care, SEO professionals, and SEO firms all care. It is a sign of progress, and it’s a simple numerical value with which you can focus on.

As so many do care, the release schedule is generally know. The last few PageRank updates are as follows:

– February 7, 2012
– May 2, 2012
– August 2, 2012
– November 7, 2012
– February 6, 2013

Taking a look at this schedule, it’s easy to surmise that the next update can be scheduled towards the end of June, or early July.

It’s important to stress though, PageRank isn’t the entire goal here. Take a look at this video which is an introduction from Google’s Matt Cutts on what PageRank is:

The key areas to emphasize are “relevant content” and “reputable”. In other words, how good is your content? If you’re developing solid, relevant, interesting content, then people will be more likely to share it. This in turn can create backlinks. Want to receive PageRank from a high PR source? Develop quality content so that these sites will want to mention your site.

Matt explains in this video that PageRank is always being updated, yet it’s only released on a casual basis. So, even while you’re eagerly waiting for a PageRank update, it’s still always being developed in the back end.

What is interesting to note surrounding the expected PageRank update is that Penguin 2.0 was released just last month. Many bloggers reported that their PageRank dropped after this update. Was Penguin 2.0 a partial PageRank update? A complete PageRank update?

At the end of the day, try not to focus too much on PageRank. It’s 1 of MANY factors which relate to your search engine rankings. If you still want to keep an eye on your PR and you notice a drop, or it didn’t rise as you expected, then it’s clear you need to focus on one thing – quality content. Give that a try, and then see how your PageRank reacts.

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