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Why Websites are Failing

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Websites Without a strong online presence, many of today’s small business owners will find that their business simply cannot survive. That strong online presence requires some work, including great SEO techniques, in order to not only survive, but thrive as well. People do not use the phone book to look up businesses anymore, they primarily and overwhelmingly use the internet. Making sure that your business is highly visible online is going to be a key factor in your overall success.

Here are three ways to ensure your business has a solid online presence and is set up for success:

1. Optimizing for Mobile: When you understand that your regular website might not be properly optimized for access and interaction by mobile users, and you make the necessary adjustments, either by having a professional SEO company work with you on responsive web design or developing a separate mobile site, then you are going to be better positioned for success and longevity. The world is going in a mobile direction, your company has to travel there to survive.

2. Developing a social presence: Not only is the world traveling in a mobile direction, it is traveling in a social direction as well. Your traditional search engine optimization strategies are going to continue to play a huge role in your ranking in the SERPs, but when it comes to branding, recognition, visibility and exposure, then you are going to need a strong social presence as well, in order to succeed. Some estimates suggest that around 80% of small businesses still have no social presence, so there is plenty of competition to get ahead of at this point. Activate and engage in the social world.

3. Email marketing campaigns: Email marketing also continues to be a strong force. Make sure that your visitors are able to get in touch with you through email, and that they are easily able to sign up for your email list using an opt in subscription form. Develop an email campaign that allows you to continue to connect with them on a regular basis, sharing information, deals and promotions that are going to strengthen your profits and increase conversions. This is a convenient and cost effective way to interact.

With so many websites failing (estimates suggest that nearly 75% are less successful than planned), you can take these steps to make your site more fail-safe and more profitable. Remember, not all of your competition is using the right internet marketing solutions, and they are just as likely to fail if they do not start catching up. Take the time, and take the right steps, to get ahead of the others, and get your site placed in a way that will maximize visibility and traffic. Adapt to the changing times, and work with a professional SEO firm so that you not only keep up, but get ahead. It is possible to succeed with your website and with your internet marketing plan, when you have clear steps to follow toward your goal of success.

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