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Why is Flash Bad for SEO?

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Websites that are designed using Flash are certainly nice to look at, but when it all boils down to it, these sites are simply not up to par in terms of SEO. This means that although they may contain dynamic images and eye-catching graphics, they do virtually nothing for positive ranking. What good is a beautiful, engaging website if nobody can find it on the web? Any good online marketing company will tell you that Flash design is bad for SEO, and here’s why.

Flash Affects Website Performance – All those pretty images may look nice on your page, but because they take significantly more time to load, they can have a negative impact on how your website performs. Not only will this tell the search engines that your site isn’t worth ranking, but it will likely result in a high bounce rate because visitors will quickly get frustrated and move on.

Flash Websites Do Not Provide Unique URLs – The more robust a website, the better. In terms of SEO, a robust website is one that features unique URLs for each page. Flash websites lack this ability, making them very one dimensional and much less effective on the search engines.

Lack of Flash Skills Can Hinder Updates – One of the biggest components of search engine optimization is fresh content. Websites that are primarily designed using Flash can be challenging to update since doing so requires adequate Flash skills. If this skill isn’t readily available in-house, a Flash designer must be hired each and every time an update is required. This can lead to frustration and needless expense on the part of the site owner, and the subsequent stagnation of content can negatively impact the site’s performance in the search engines.

Lastly, and Most Importantly, Flash Cannot be Read by Web Crawlers – If you put your keywords into a Flash image, they cannot be read and subsequently indexed by the search engine crawlers, rendering them essentially useless. If you sacrifice important keyword-rich titles and headlines for something prettier in design, you simply won’t get the results you’re after.

So what happens if you’ve already got a Flash based website? The good news is that it’s something that can be rectified. Your best bet is to consider working with an online marketing company that is experienced with this type of thing and can evaluate your particular website to identify what needs to be corrected. Not every Flash component may need to be changed, but those that may be negatively affecting your SEO will need to be addressed as soon as possible.

The goal of any website should be driving as much traffic as possible, and hopefully converting that traffic from prospects into paying customers. This can’t be done without adequate SEO, and sites that are designed using Flash can tremendously hinder these efforts. If you are considering using Flash in your website design, do so with caution and keep in mind the impact it can have on how your site performs online. Chances are you’ll come to the conclusion that it’s simply not worth it.

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