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What You Can Do to Help People Find Your Online Business

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Online BussinessYour website is only one way in which people can find your business online. Today’s internet has expanded immensely, far beyond the basic search engines that got things started years ago. You now have additional ways to direct people to your online business, gain visibility and establish your brand. When you are consistent across the various channels that are available, you can get a much wider audience than you previously could, just from exposure in the search engine results.

Here are four things to think about as you explore the various ways that people can find your online business:

1. Don’t leave search engine optimization behind: As we discuss the other options that are available, you have to remember that SEO is still alive and well, and extremely valuable to your online business. Don’t ignore your SEO techniques as you add in new internet marketing solutions! Solid search engine optimization, including great titles and meta descriptions, are going to help users find your business when you have what they need. Many people are choosing which business to work with solely based on the descriptions that they see in the search engine results, so make sure yours is clear and stands out.

2. Have a strong local search component: Ensure that you are listed in every local search directory that you can find. The more times that you can be found through local search methods, the more people will see your site. This translates into bigger conversion rates. People are leaning more and more toward their local economy, so don’t make your community members go elsewhere to spend their money. Make sure that everyone you can get comes to your online business (or local business) based on the results of the local search. Include plenty of business information, any specialties, anything that may set you apart from the competition. Keywords are critical, and make sure that some of those keywords are related to your geographical location.

3. Social media profiles can generate leads: Having a current Facebook page for your business is nearly a requirement these days. With so many people using this social media giant to connect and network with others, you are missing out on a large slice of the action if you fail to set up and maintain social media network profiles, especially Facebook. The exposure that you get, not only from your own connections, but also the many connections of those connections, allows you to spread the word much faster than any search engine optimization can. Although you may get a small percentage of those exposed visiting your site, you will see an increase in traffic once you add a social media marketing campaign to your internet marketing arsenal. Make sure your information is complete and updated at all times.

4. Using videos as commercials: Using video to promote your online business is a smart thing to do. Videos and video channels online are growing in popularity. Develop some videos that help to promote your company or offer information about your industry or niche. Tag them well, and then wait for the results. Again, this will certainly help your online business get noticed more.

Don’t limit yourself to SEO techniques when you are looking to get more traffic and more conversions. There are other ways that you can get your online business noticed, and you should be doing everything that you can to get exposure.

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