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What Happens When You Cut SEO Costs?

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Is a penny saved really a penny earned? Not in the case of using cheap SEO. A penny saved may lead to a whole lot of money NOT earned. Any business is going to try and save money where they can, just be aware of what you are saving and what you are losing when you cut certain costs. Investing in the services of an online marketing company may be essential to your success.

Starting up a business takes a great deal of time and effort, and often a lot of money invested as well. One of the things that you have to invest in, if you want your company to succeed, is a marketing plan. Part of this marketing, in fact, a large part of this marketing, will be online. This is clearly the way of the present and the way of the future, so don’t forget that your online presence is critical for your success today.

Here are a few things that will suffer if you choose to cut corners and not work with a digital marketing firm to get you some great marketing:

1. Cheap SEO often means weaker links, and links of lower quality. Companies that provide deep discounts for their search engine optimization services will often be selling you a link campaign.  In this case, let the buyer beware, because Google has major penalties for sites that have unnatural or low quality links.

2. Cheap SEO often means lower quality content, or possibly plagiarized content. Duplicate content is another huge problem with Google, as well as the other search engines. Cheap SEO can leave you with content that has already been used somewhere else, making you look like a content thief. Penalties are shortly down the road, in this case.

3. Cheap SEO often means black hat techniques. You want to work with an online marketing firm that will guarantee only white hat, ethical search engine optimization techniques. Black hat SEO is going to lead to major problems with your ranking, high levels of spam, and worse.

4. Cheap SEO often leads to unprofessional site design. Your site needs to operate properly, load correctly and quickly, and contain the various elements that are considered to be relevant to a high quality site. Good graphics, integrated logos and themes, good information, attractive layout and more are going to be necessary, and if you cut corners on your SEO and your online marketing firm, this is going to be a problem.

This doesn’t mean that you have to spend a fortune on search engine optimization. There are plenty of affordable online marketing companies out there that are reputable and that will help you get a professional site launched and properly marketed to maximize the number of visitors and conversions. Shop around until you find a company that you are comfortable with. Cutting corners and cutting costs is definitely necessary for every business, just make sure that you don’t go too cheap on the stuff that is critical to your overall online success.

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