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What Facebook Search Brings to the Table

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The new Facebook search tool has finally arrived on the scene. With this long awaited new tool comes some great perks, some interesting twists, and some new questions, as well. What was expected was a search engine that could compete with Google and take a slice of that search action, but what showed up on the scene was something entirely different.

Here are a few of the major differences between the regular search engines and the new way of doing things as presented by Facebook:

1. Connections on Facebook search are through likes, not links: Instead of the number of links making a difference in how results are displayed, the number of likes is a heavier factor. Results are weighted according to the number of connections, so the more people who are connected to the terms in a search, including likes, followers and comments, the higher those people, places or things will be listed in the Facebook search results. What we are used to is having results that are displayed according to how relevant they are with matching our keywords entered in the search query.

2. Establishing a Business Page is more important than ever: Those businesses that take the time to develop the strong social media presence required in Facebook will be rewarded with more frequent appearances in search results. Establishing a strong social presence, with many likes and followers, is essentially a catapult to the top of the Facebook search results.

3. Facebook offers a multidimensional search: Although the Google+ searches weigh those results associated with any of your connections more heavily, Facebook takes this search to a new level. The results you get can be filtered according to multiple criteria, including how many of your connections like a particular business, place or thing. The ability to refine the search is unique, and allows for some very interesting search results. The jury is still out as to whether or not the results are more useful or more relevant than the typical search engines, but for now it is definitely going to be an interesting and refreshing change to explore.

It is not yet determined whether the new Facebook search tool is what the world has been waiting for, or if it is simply another toy for users to play with during their down time. Who knows if it will catch on and have any real longevity. Only time will tell the answer to that main question. For now, what does matter is that those businesses who have established a strong social media presence are going to do well. If you have not yet worked on this part of your search engine optimization plan, it is time to do so. Enlist the help of an internet marketing agency if you are too busy or not sure how to get it right, but waste no more time getting onto the social world, especially if you want to see whether or not you can get any help in your internet marketing plan from the new Facebook search tool.

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