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What Does a Top Ranking Site’s Links Look Like?

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Top Ranking SiteTop ranking sites have had a lot of work put into their SEO techniques in order to secure the prime real estate in the search engine results pages. One of the major parts of search engine optimization is the building of high quality links. Do you wonder what kinds of links you should be looking for in order to make your site stronger in the SERPs? Let’s talk about what top ranking sites look like in terms of the kinds of and numbers of links that they have to their site. When you understand what the top sites look like, what your competitors are doing right, then you have a better chance of competing with them on a more level playing field. SEO firms can help you develop a link system that will get you moving toward the top of the SERPs.

Social Media

The best links drive the most traffic to your site, so obviously you want to have links that are attracting a great deal of attention. Today’s top webmasters are starting to focus heavily on getting large numbers of links using their social media networks. Many of the top sites will have at least 10% of their total links coming to their site from social media networks.

Forum Postings

Another huge influence is forum posts. Every time that you can post intelligently in a forum and include a link to your site, you are naturally going to attract a great deal of interest, because the readers of that forum are already interested in your topic and your niche, making the draw very good. Consider trying to get another 10% of your links using this method of SEO. Because forum links are considered to generate high numbers of human visitors, this is seen as a positive thing in the eyes of the search engines, like Google.

Articles and Blog Posts

Top ranking sites produce consistent amounts of high quality content for their site, and promote those articles and blog posts in a number of effective ways, including social media and email marketing. Links that come from great content are going to bring in visitors, and with the focus on user experience, Google will reward sites that are drawing traffic as a result of consistently good content. Consider trying to get 15-20% of your links from promotion of your articles and blog posts.

Brand Names

You should be using your brand names as anchor text, to help the search engines recognize your brand name along with your other keywords. The co-occurrence of your brand name with your other main keywords, and having them mentioned in close proximity to each other in numerous places, will help your brand rise in the SERPs. At least 5% of your links should be from anchor text containing your brand name.

Miscellaneous Sources

There are still plenty of other sources for the rest of your links, each contributing at least a small percentage. Press releases, comments from readers, comments you make on other blogs, links in your profiles for social media, links in your business profiles for local search listings, social bookmarking links, and more will make up the remainder of your links. Your SEO agency will be able to help you come up with a link profile that resembles that of the most successful sites.

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