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Using Your SEO to Improve the Customer Experience

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SEO TipsRemembering that the ultimate goal of your search engine optimization efforts is to get visitors to your site it not the hard part when it comes to internet marketing. But, remembering that you have to provide a top notch customer experience needs to be a priority. Measuring what happens when visitors arrive can help you to customize and tailor the experience that they have upon arrival, and when more visitors have a good experience on your site, you will find that your ranking in the SERPs will continue to increase.

Basically, you need to understand the behavior of the visitor when they are on your site, and how it fits into the expected buying cycle. This helps you to understand how you can keep them there longer, and facilitate the buying process for them, ensuring that they spend their money on your site instead of going elsewhere for what they need. Here are three areas that you need to be thinking of when developing your SEO techniques toward improving the visitors’ experience:

1. Convenience: How easy is it for visitors to find what they are looking for? Does your site provide what is expected when users find your listing in the SERPs? Do your descriptions match what the user needs? Is your site attractive and appealing? How easy is the navigation to understand and use? Your SEO techniques should be strongly geared toward ensuring that all of these things are perfect for the user, because this is what will keep them there longer. The longer that you can engage a visitor, the farther along in the buying process you can remain by their side, so to speak.

2. Originality: Is your site different enough from the other sites in your niche or the sites that are presented by your competitors? If users arrive at your site only to find a cookie cutter version of the same site that they have seen over and over, then they won’t bother with yours, necessarily. Make your site stand out with stellar content and surprises that “wow” the visitor. Differentiate your content so that they find something new, or at least find something presented in a new and interesting way. Consider providing unique product descriptions, which will capture the interest of the visitor and make them more likely to become a customer of yours. This will also increase the chances of having them return, which will most certainly boost your SEO and your ranking in the SERPs.

3. Monitor, Monitor, Monitor: Always test, retest, adjust, retest, etc. to keep track of the behavior of your customers. Using A/B testing is a very effective way to understand the behavior of your visitors and to keep track of what you can improve when it comes to using your SEO techniques to improve the experience of the visitor.

Internet marketing does not permit you to have direct face to face contact with your customers, so you have to use your SEO techniques to get in touch with them and connect. Take some time to objectively review your site and perceive it from the view of the visitor or customer. You will gain valuable insight and increase your business as a result.

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