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Using Social Media to Your Advantage

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Thanks to social media, Internet marketing is changing, yet again. Online business owners are being driven toward having more consistent and regular interaction with customers though a number of social medial platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and others.  If you are trying to succeed with online commerce, then you are, hopefully, using this marketing strategy to your advantage.  You don’t have to approve of using these networks for your own social gain, but you should be embracing the use of it and recognizing the potential for gaining visibility and brand recognition for your online business, if you want to survive.  Information can go viral so quickly, and all you have to do is update your status occasionally or post a quick tweet, and hundreds (maybe thousands) will see it.  A percentage of those will click through, and a percentage of those will become your customers.  You really have nothing to lose.

How much attention can you get from social media?  This is pretty hard to measure accurately, but most Internet marketing specialists are reporting definite traffic increases after launching a full social media campaign.  Keep in mind that social media should be used as a supplement to your regular search engine optimization programs and your Internet marketing strategies, it should not replace your already developed Internet marketing strategy and business plan.  The “tried and true” techniques still apply—you still need to build up a long list of high quality links, you still need to develop strong, relevant content and you still need to use tags, meta descriptions and titles appropriately if you want good search engine results.  Good search engine results are still the key to high traffic numbers.  That part hasn’t changed.

Because the average computer user is online almost 5 times more since social media really took off, this gives you a true advantage when it comes to Internet advertising using social media.  Advertising by being present on the social media sites is not only free, but very effective.  As it turns out, the trends point to people continuing to gather information from the traditional search engines when they are looking for places to make a purchase, how to get somewhere, or product reviews.  But, and this is a big but, they are often getting recommendations, leads and starting points from their contacts on social media networks.  Peer pressure is not dead, and many people will try a recommendation from a friend or family member first, before doing their own research.  So, if you can gain exposure in this arena, you can almost lead people to your site and your company.

It is unlikely that social media will completely take over the traffic from the traditional search engines anytime soon, so Internet marketing specialists will have to continue their search engine optimization efforts in this department.  However, most SEO experts are now recommending that you develop a strong presence on the social media networks if you really want to get those traffic numbers up, since social sites are now taking up a large slice of Internet activity and traffic.

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