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Using Infographics to Increase Search Engine Ranking

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It may no longer be enough to write endless amounts of text when it comes to getting a better search engine ranking for your website, you may have to start thinking about how to incorporate more visual information into your posts.  Today’s websites are becoming more and more filled with infographics that help to explain the information on your site, or information about your products and services.   Those webmasters who are looking for Internet marketing solutions will find that this is an online marketing method that is working well.

Because people are more likely to be visual learners, using this strategy can really boost rankings.  Keep in mind, infographics are not just your “run of the mill” visual supports, they are special types of images that can actually tell a story and provide information to the viewer.  Within the infographic image, you can incorporate keywords that will then be found by the search engines (when you use them in the imge titles), and help get your site a better spot in the results.

What to Include in Infographics?

Within infographics, you can use flowcharts, short facts and other images to capture the interest of the visitor.  You can think of infographics as an accessory, of sorts, to your website.  You shouldn’t use infographics to replace the other information, but you can use them to highlight important points or help to provide additional explanation that may be more difficult in words.  Infographics work particulary well when you have information that contains a lot of comparison, or many statistics, which are boring to use in “text only” versions.

How Can Infographics Help?

If you use engaging infographics as part of your Internet marketing solution, you will find that the average time that a visitor stays on your site increases.  You will see a lower bounce rate, and probably more page views than before you started to use infographics.  This is because people are more likely to look closely at the visual images presented, and think about what they are seeing.  Having engaging visuals will make it more likely that the visitor reads the text, as well.  When it comes to a website, you only have a few seconds to grab them before they move on.  If they like what they see, they are more likely to stay.  The longer a visitor stays, the more page views they will have, and the more likely it will become that they will either return again to your site, or convert into a paying customer.  This will help your ranking improve.

One of the other perks of having interesting infographics as part of your Internet marketing solutions is that people are more inclined to share posts and articles that contain visuals.  This can help your content go viral, if it makes it to the social media networks.  You will get quite a few relevant links this way, and these are the kind of links that the search engines are smiling upon, so it can definitely be a valuable part of your search engine optimization plan.  Some consider infographics to be the latest “link bait” that is being used.  Work with an Internet marketing firm if you need help developing some catchy infographics for your site.

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