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Use Your SEO Techniques to Develop a Two-Phase Sales Process

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SEO Techniques With one of the goals of internet marketing being selling your products and services online, you have to have at least a basic understanding of the sales process and how it works for most businesses. SEO companies will tell most clients that they must be methodical about setting up the sales process, if they want to get the high conversion numbers. The first part of the sales process involves generating leads and finding people who want to know more about your products and services. When your search engine optimization techniques are solid, you are going to be able to have more visibility online, and generate more traffic to your website. This will help those who are looking for certain products and services be directed to your company’s website, where they can learn more about what you have to offer.

Setting Up Phase One

When visitors arrive at your website, the first phase of the sales process continues. You have the opportunity to engage with those visitors, through your content and your site, and begin to develop a relationship that will lead them to become a loyal customer. Ensuring that your content will address issues that the visitor faces, and showing how your products and services can offer solutions to their problems and meet their needs is important when you are trying to move those visitors into the second phase of the sales process, where the actual selling can take place and you can get the conversion. You can’t simply put up a website and expect that people will fall onto it and make a purchase. This type of customer is quite rare.

As you consider how to show your visitors what you have to offer, with the hopes that your products and services are going to meet their needs and lead to a conversion, you should set up a squeeze page that outlines exactly what you can offer to them. A squeeze page is a type of landing page that grabs the attention of the visitor, shows them in a succinct manner how they can benefit from becoming a customer, and directs them to a clear and effective call to action. This is a big step toward capturing the leads you need to be successful with your internet marketing efforts. Your SEO techniques are going to be very important for leading customers to your squeeze page. In many cases, your first squeeze page is going to be a bulk email opt in form, which will then put the visitor onto your email marketing list, allowing you to contact them regularly and develop the relationship required.

Setting Up Phase Two

Once you have developed a strong email marketing list through your bulk email opt in, you now have a solid target audience that you can use to test out different ideas. Your first ideas may need some work, but by taking the steps to develop a list, you have a more gentle way of finding out who is interested in your products, and you can often avoid the “hard sell” approach and appeal directly to those customers who you already know are interested in your products and services.

When you test and retest your squeeze pages, be sure to closely follow the analytics and determine which parts of your sales process are working well, and which parts still need work. Using the two step process, by gathering leads first and then making your sales pitch to those particular leads, will help you to more closely target your ideal audience and get the conversions you need to profit. Work with a reputable SEO agency to develop your company’s sales process, and avoid some of the frustration and disappointment that can come along when your ideas are not falling into place as you hoped they would! Expert professional help can make a difference.

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