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Top 5 Tips Tips for Increasing Traffic

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Getting more visitors to your site often means somehow enticing visitors to return again and again. Any digital marketing firm will explain to you that the more times that a visitor returns, the more likely it becomes that they will turn into a paying customer. Aside from creating an amazing blog, filled with interesting content, there are a few things that you can do in terms of search engine optimization to help boost your traffic and get even more visibility and more visitors. Here are five tips that can help you make your blog work better for you.

1. Catchy titles: When you can come up with interesting and catchy titles, you can engage a visitor quickly. Offering “tips,” how to’s,” “ideas” and “news” can often lead them to click on your post and open it up. Once they do, they will find the quality that you promised and start to consider your site a great place to get the information that they need. If they are interested enough, they will bookmark your site and come back again. Even better, get them to subscribe to your list and you can notify them of new posts and information through email.

2. Subscriptions: Speaking of subscriptions, this is an important strategy when it comes to increasing traffic. When you add an email campaign to your search engine optimization efforts, you will find that you can get many of your loyal readers to regularly return to see what you have posted.

3. Build credibility: It is important that you stick to blogging about topics that you actually know something about. If you are not really an expert, don’t try to be one. When you discuss topics with knowledge, you will build credibility and draw visitors back again and again. Use helpful links and references as necessary to back up what you are telling your readers.

4. Develop a series: When you offer your readers a “series” of blog posts that are related, they may become engaged enough to return each day, week or month to see what comes next. Offer a series of steps to accomplish a certain task, or a series of informational posts about a topic. This type of post works extremely well with self help, wellness, home improvement, computer issues, parenting, sports and training, wine (or other culinary) topics, and many, many other niches. You will also be establishing yourself as an authority and building credibility.

5. Add video clips: Statistics show that most Internet users love video. People like to see and hear information, rather than just read it in text form. Consider adding video to your site. Some things to consider include keeping it short, making sure it is relevant, and making sure that the quality is acceptable (you do not necessarily have to make a professional video, but if you do it yourself then consider location, appearance, manner of speaking and demonstration, etc.).

Getting the traffic to your site requires that your blog be dynamic and interesting, and have enough information so that people would want to return again. You may consider working with a digital marketing firm to get your online strategy sharp and effective!

Gadzoog Group

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