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Top 3 Ideas for PPC Landing Pages

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Pay Per ClickThe best pay per click (PPC) campaigns are detail oriented, and have great landing pages and lead capture forms to go along with them. When visitors arrive, they are virtually left with no alternative than to follow through, since what they are presented with is so great. As you know well, not all PPC campaigns are this successful, and this is because of a variety of reasons. But when you focus on strong lead generation strategies, by using great PPC landing pages, you can increase your conversions significantly, leading to much higher profits.

The idea behind a landing page is to draw attention and focus to one specific offer or promotion, without the added distractions of everything else that might be on the web page. This can help to capture the attention of the visitor, and it makes it more likely that they will become a solid lead, and hopefully, an eventual conversion that you can count on. All you want is for that visitor to complete the lead capture form and take advantage of your great offer, whatever that might be (a purchase, a download, a subscription to your mailing list, etc.).

Here are three tips that can help to improve your PPC landing pages and make them a stronger tool for lead generation:

1. Remove the main navigation: When there is the standard navigation on your landing page, it will appear more similar to the other pages on your site, and less different—the difference is one thing that helps capture the attention. Don’t make it too simple for folks to leave the landing page, the idea is to keep them there long enough so that they convert. On the other hand, do not create a pop up page that they cannot close, there are few things more annoying to someone surfing the web. Include the standard close out feature, just do not necessarily make it a super prominent feature or include too many links that will take the visitor away from the landing page too quickly.

2. Call attention to the social sharing: Not only should you make sure that your landing pages are easily shared by others on the social media pages by including the icons that will help them directly share, you should include a count of how many “likes,” “shares,” “+1’s,” “retweets,” etc. that have occurred. When people start to see those numbers rise, they definitely want to get on board. Social media helps people not only become more aware, but it also applies a certain pressure to see what all the fuss is about. Let your visitors know that there is something worth sharing, and that people are sharing your PPC landing pages regularly, so that they do not want to miss out. What’s great about social sharing is that the person you initially targeted may never buy from you, but if they share it, then someone else might, someone you never targeted or expected. It is a very strong way to generate leads and help your PPC campaign grow.

3. Keep the lead capture simple: When creating your lead capture forms, remember that you are only trying to collect the bare basics of information. There will be opportunities later for you to collect more information from your leads, but the idea behind your PPC campaign needs to be to generate as many leads as possible. The more cumbersome the form, the fewer people will fill it out.

Effective landing pages are the cornerstone to any successful PPC campaign. When you are going to invest the money in the pay per click type of marketing, then make sure that your landing pages are as well done as possible.

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