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Tips on Leveraging Twitter for SEO

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Twitter can provide more than just leads and increased brand visibility – it can also improve your ranking on the SERPs. In fact, many web marketers have begun to include Twitter in their overall SEO strategy and are seeing great results. If you haven’t yet jumped on the Twitter bandwagon, or aren’t really utilizing this tool to its maximum benefit, here are a few helpful tips to get you started.

What’s in a Name? Well, simply put: everything. The username or handle that you choose on Twitter will become part of your customized URL (i.e. twitter.com/yoursite), so be mindful of this when you’re setting up your profile. Your Twitter handle essentially creates a static address for future search indexing. The same goes for your Twitter account name, which appears next to your profile and can be different from your handle. For best results, use a variation of your brand name that receives the most search frequency.

Talk About Yourself! Creating an effective Twitter bio can be a challenge, since you’re limited to just 160 characters. Because Twitter bios are consistently indexed, the content within it will be used to provide relevancy to your entire Twitter account. In other words, be creative but be wise in your choice of words. Focus on the most important and mission-critical brand words and phrases.

Start Strong – When drafting a tweet, keep in mind that the first few words (known as the “lead-in”) are what will appear in the title tag of the Google search results. While the full tweet and all of its characters will still be indexed, you’ll want those first few characters to be attention grabbing and draw visitors in.

Create Keyword-Rich Tweets – Be sure to use your primary keyword as much as possible wherever relevant in your tweets. Take advantage of any particular industry buzz words which will help you perform better in searches. Just remember – Twitter is about providing value to your followers, so don’t overdo it.

Keep it Short and Sweet – Twitter is an excellent tool for sharing links back to your website or blog, but with such a limited number of characters, you have to be careful not to take up too much space. Utilize one of the many available services to shorten your URL’s so that there’s more room for you to include your keyword phrase, and so your tweets can easily be retweeted by others. (Try TinyURL or Bit.ly) As an added bonus, most link shortening services also provide comprehensive analytics so you can track which links are getting the most clicks.

Promote Your Twitter Account – Once you’ve established your brand presence on Twitter, it’s time to spread the word. Encourage your customers and other website visitors to follow you by integrating your Twitter URL into your website and including a clear call to action. You may also want to include your Twitter URL in your website’s global footer. These things make it easy for visitors to connect with you on Twitter, and can also help drive your Twitter account up in the search results.

More and more businesses are seeing the benefits of using Twitter, both for marketing and SEO purposes. By leveraging these simple tips, you can maximize the benefits of this valuable social media tool for your business, increase visibility for your brand, and improve your search ranking overall.

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