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Tips For Creating Great Ecommerce Product Descriptions

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product descriptionsThe product descriptions that you choose to use on your ecommerce website are very important when it comes time to convince consumers to make a purchase from your company and not move on to the competition. How you portray the things that you are trying to sell will make a difference. Many webmasters rely solely on the product descriptions that they can get from a manufacturer’s catalog or website, but sprucing them up a bit can help make your site stand out, and make your company the one that gets the sale.

Here are four tips for making your product descriptions stand out from the others:

1. Use high quality images: People who are shopping online are at a slight disadvantage when it comes to making a purchase. When they go to the store, they can see the product from multiple angles, and really get a good idea about how something looks. Be sure that you are using images that are clear, show the finer features of the products, and show multiple angles. Using images that can be zoomed for closer inspection will also help.

2. Develop more “colorful” descriptions: Again, give the consumer the advantage when they arrive at your ecommerce site. Make sure that your product descriptions include sizes, dimensions, weight (including shipping weight, if that differs with packaging), and any options with regard to color or style. When offering clothing choices, be sure to offer an accurate sizing chart that actually reflects how the items will fit. When you include this information, your returns and exchanges will be less, which will help you keep your profits strong.

3. Always have a link with FAQ and policies: It is important that any potential customer be able to get the information that they need, quickly and clearly. Make a section of FAQ, which is often easy to create after you begin your ecommerce development. Take the questions that customers send you most often, and compile them into a list that other consumers will benefit from.

4. Offer a search function: When you create your product descriptions, be sure to include the keywords that will help consumers be able to find what they are looking for on your site. If they are searching for “candles” on your home décor site, then be sure that you are including the right keywords (based on your solid keyword research!) in each description that would be relevant. Product descriptions need SEO, too, so be sure that they are optimized with keywords, titles and tags that will lead users in the right direction.

Ecommerce development involves more than just setting up a shopping cart. With so many online marketplaces available, and some of them being huge presences on the web, you need your internet marketing site to really stand out and be better than the rest. This can be done by creating colorful and accurate product descriptions, including reviews and suggested uses or tips from other customers. Be creative and appeal to the experience of the user, and your conversions will soar.

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