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The Importance of Tracking Online Leads for Your Business

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The most important factor in the optimization of any online marketing campaign is tracking the performance. Business owners waste thousands of dollars each year and countless hours on marketing campaigns that simply don’t yield the desired results. By implementing the strategy of continually tracking the performance and making subtle adjustments, your marketing investments can become extremely profitable. Below I will systematically break down some of the most common and effective lead tracking solutions.

Google Analytics

This is by far the most important tool that you can use when tracking your campaign performance. Google Analytics tracks everything from a user’s average time on site to the percentage of user bounces. Traffic sources typically consist of referring sites, search engines, and direct traffic. Obviously, knowing which keywords or referring websites that are generating the highest quality traffic is invaluable. By having this information it allows you to make decisions for campaign expansion and focus. In addition, Analytics is great for comparing the performance from past months or years. It’s very useful being able to benchmark previous months and locating your most effective campaigns.

Integrating Analytics into your Adwords account is also another great feature that Google offers. It allows you to test out different keyword phrases and do split testing on ad copy. As we all know, the cost per click method can be expensive and if the proper tracking and adjustments aren’t maintained, your campaign will be under performing and drastically reducing your return.

A/B Split Testing

Split testing ad copy when doing a pay per click campaign can make a big impact on campaign success. A/B split testing simply means alternating different text or images and then gauging the traffic results. The more split testing your able to implement, the higher your chances for converting a lead into an actual client. Keep in mind that when you do split testing, the changes you make should be subtle so that you may precisely gauge the exact change that caused the positive effect. The changes that can be made in split testing can be applied to everything from banner ads, landing pages, and websites. The actual components or variables that make up split testing consist of text copy, images, layouts, colors, and placement. All of these elements are very important and when you maximize optimization, you can expect a very high return on investment.

Heat Mapping

This feature is typically used for either landing pages or websites. Heat mapping allows you to track your user’s mouse movements across a webpage. When you view a “heat map” you will see varying levels of temperature. Obviously, red spots are areas of the site map that had the most mouse placement and green spots signify less mouse placement. In addition, you can view the cursor movement paths in the form of lines across the site. The benefits of this might not be obvious at first, but having this data allows you to essentially know what your traffic is thinking. Most importantly, this technology aids us in what we refer to as “usability optimization”. The more user friendly your site, the more likely users will navigate through it and ultimately contact your business. You would be surprised what subtle changes can do for increasing website conversions when you change the website layout, content placement, and navigation order.

Dynamic Phone Generation

Typically, when a lead contacts you through your contact form you can easily track how the lead was generated. However, the problem most businesses face is tracking those leads that don’t fill out the contact form and instead call the phone number listed on the website. To counter act this tracking issue, you can implement what’s known as “dynamic phone generation”. How it works is every time a user visits your website, a unique phone number is generated for that user. At the end of each week you can compile all of the generated phone numbers that were used and then match them with the IP addresses of the users. Being able to correlate the phone number with the IP address will tell you exactly how those leads were generated. This knowledge is extremely valuable in knowing what is or isn’t working for your business in terms of lead generation.

Real Time Tracking

With the internet making life more fast pace than ever, real time acknowledgement and reaction is critical. Simply put, failure to react will likely result in the client going back to Google and finding another business which responds faster. If you’re as busy, then you might not have time to respond right away. The solution is surprisingly simple. Have your programmer create email alerts in the backend of your landing page. Additionally, setup an email auto-responder to let the potential client know that their message has been received and you will be responding to them in a promptly fashion.

Custom Tracking

Given that there are so many variables in a marketing campaign, customized tracking takes even more precedence. By utilizing custom tracking variables you can learn about which gender, age, traffic source, individual ad, and images are performing the best. In fact, with advance tracking technology, you can figure out exactly which ad drove a particular client to your website. You will also be able to learn which ad medium is performing best such as pay-per-click, pop-under, pop-up, banner, etc.


Tracking your online campaigns should be mandatory or you’re just throwing your money away. You could equate it to driving blind and eventually crashing. Without tracking lead generation your either procure new customers, but then have no idea where they came from and how to scale. In opposition, you’re not going to procure any customers and have no idea how to resolve the problem. So be aware that before you start spending thousands on testing campaigns, it’s in your best interest if you spend the time and money on proper tracking to enable the most optimal use of funds.

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