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The Benefits of SEO For Your Business

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When considering that people are no longer reading the newspaper or searching phonebooks to find the things that they need, you have to then wonder what new medium they’re using. The answer to that question is online search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. What was originally only implemented in public libraries for finding books has now become the dominant form for finding information, services, and products. As a result of this new transfer from the age of tangible to digital information, there is now a world of efficiencies, profits, and other untold benefits. Below I will systematically break down those benefits and why SEO plays a key role in the performance of marketing your business online.


Unlike some ad networks, there’s nearly a never ending supply of potential traffic that can be organically driven to your website. This might not sound crucial in the initial stages of testing a new marketing campaign, but in the event you find a solution with a high return, you obviously want to scale. The beauty of search engine optimization is that there’s always more traffic to procure when considering each keyword phrase that you rank for yields additional traffic. Granted, certain keywords will provide better results than others, but there’s always room for improvement in search rankings for all of the keywords relevant to industry.


In addition to the most scalable volume, search engines provide some of the most targeted traffic you can find. Unlike search engine optimization, most ad networks only allow you to target user criteria by age, sex, location, educational background and other limited functions. With search engine optimization, your targeting the exact keyword of what it is that there searching for. When you’re able to so precisely match the intent of the user to what their looking, the probability for a conversion dramatically increases. This form of targeting is not only more specific than ad networks, but almost always proves to be more cost-effective.


Search engine optimization has been known as the most cost-effective form of marketing for many reasons. The primary reason is because when you rank for a particular keyword, your placement is long-term and you don’t have to continually pay for exposure. When compared to a pay per click campaign every visitor received is paid for, but with SEO your only expense is the cost it takes to achieve first page results. Keep in mind that search engine optimization should been seen as a long-term marketing investment considering the time it takes to organically ranked for the desired keywords.


Once you’re able to achieve first page ranks across a wide-range of relevant keywords for your business, the branding potential is long-term and limitless. Every time a user sees your website, it increases the probability that the user will eventually become a customer. Typically, people have to see something seven times before buying a service or product. In addition to organic search results, keep in mind that there are also the paid results with Adwords and Google Places. By having a monopoly on all three forms of search engine exposure, it dramatically helps establish your business as an authority.


Most importantly, established search engine campaigns yield consistent traffic day and night through the entire year. Where some marketing campaigns often times incur large fluctuations, search engine optimization yields a steady stream of traffic. This is very important when considering the overhead of expanding and maintaining a business. By having a reliable source of traffic, you’re able to make business decisions based around lead procurement projections you otherwise wouldn’t have.


These are the primary benefits of SEO, but be aware that it’s not a marketing solution that you can simply employ overnight. It can take months and in some cases years to achieve the desired results that every company seeks. Furthermore, your competitors have the same SEO goals in mind and the one who remains the most consistent and exhibits the most effort typically enjoys the benefits. When considering all the valuable factors that search engine optimization has to offer, it should be seen as the core of your online marketing campaign.

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