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The 5 W’s of SEO

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By now we all know how important SEO is at establishing and maximizing a business’s presence online. But to truly get the most out of this powerful tool, it’s important to understand not just what SEO is in general, but the behind the scenes of what actually makes up this marketing technique. That is, the 5 w’s of SEO – the who, what, when, where and why. By understanding these components and the role each one plays in your overall SEO strategy, you can harness this marketing tool much more effectively and achieve better results.

Who – Who is your target audience? By understanding the people you are trying to reach, you can craft more targeted content that delivers what your prospects and existing customers really want, solves their problems and keeps them coming back for more.

What – What is it that motivates your target audience to take that next step and make a purchase? Does your product or service provide a solution to a pain point? Does it supply your customers with a luxury or pleasure?  It’s also important to have a clear idea of what you want to accomplish with your website – whether it’s to sell a product, collect contact information or entice people to sign up for your newsletter. By knowing what you want to accomplish and what motivates your audience, you can tailor your online marketing much more effectively.

When – Knowing when to deliver or release information is an important part of an online marketing strategy. This may mean utilizing an autoresponder to schedule and manage ongoing contact with your customers and prospects, or it may involve the use of an editorial calendar to make sure that you are effectively delivering quality content on a regular basis.

Where – It’s also important that you map out where you will focus your internet marketing efforts. What directories will make the most sense, which sites would be most relevant for link building, and which areas of the web would allow you to get the most bang for your buck, so to speak? By planning this out ahead of time you can achieve the best possible results and the most efficient use of your time and resources.

Why – This is probably the most critical component of the SEO formula. It involves asking yourself one simple question: why should people buy from you? Take some time and figure out exactly what it is that sets you apart from your competition. Maybe you offer superior customer service, you’ve been in business longer, or perhaps you have more stringent hiring practices which provides for better quality goods or services. Whatever your “niche” is, make sure it is clearly communicated through all of your marketing efforts.

Acknowledging that SEO is a critical part of any web marketing strategy is only half the battle. The next step is to examine each of the things that make up this complex marketing tool. When you understand the 5 w’s of SEO, and how each of them plays a part in establishing an effective strategy, you will be able to develop strong, relevant content, delivered at the precise time to please both your target audience and the search engines, helping you achieve optimum results.

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