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Take Your Social Media Marketing to a Mobile Level

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Social MarketingAll of your internet marketing solutions need to work well together in order to make your website successful. This means that your search engine optimization, social media marketing, email marketing, blogging, mobile marketing and more all have to be cohesive and aiming toward the same goals. Integrating social media marketing into your mobile marketing strategy is going to be very helpful. If you consider how many people are using social media networks to get information, news and contact from others, then you realize that there is significant power in this method of marketing. When you add in how many of those people are using their mobile devices to access the social media, then the power becomes staggering.

Here are a few tips for combining your social media marketing with your mobile marketing plan, for best results:

1. Timing is everything: Consider the time of day that you are posting your social media updates. If you are automating your status updates, tweets, etc. to go out in the middle of the night, you are probably going to reach a smaller number of people. Yes, there are plenty of night owls out there, but, your chances of hitting a larger number of people in most target audiences are going to improve when you use social media at the beginning of the work day. Many people are checking their social pages on an early morning coffee break or during lunch, so they will scroll through what’s new for the day so far and see your statuses or tweets. Obviously you have to consider your geographical location and time zone, but think about the timing and when you will be most likely to connect with your audience.

2. Consider the networks: Certain social media networks, such as Instagram, are even more conducive to the mobile marketing techniques because they are primarily accessed by mobile device users. When you maximize your timing and exposure on this particular network, you can connect with more mobile users. Statistics show that most people only look at the last couple hours of Facebook status updates, so make sure that you are posting using this knowledge as well. When you work within the specific trends for each particular social media network, you can get the best coverage.

3. Design social media marketing campaigns for mobile use: Whenever you are posting on the social media networks, consider the mobile users. Make sure that any video links or images that you post are going to be mobile friendly. Responsive web design comes in handy for this type of social media marketing.

Integrating all of your marketing solutions is important, and social media marketing and mobile marketing happen to be two solutions that work well together and complement each other. You can take your internet marketing plan to a new level when you combine the two strategies effectively. Always keep close tabs on your analytics to see what parts of your marketing plan are most effective, and which parts might need more attention.

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