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  • Web Design Strategies that Pack a Punch

    Unless your web design is very professional and polished, your competition will crush you. Your site must stand out in the crowd. An unprofessional website is a huge turnoff for most visitors. You’ve seen enough sites to know what you would want to see, now it’s time to put that into your own web design and development. You need your site to work for you and help you meet your business goals. Sites need to be professional, both to the users who visit as well as the search engines that are going to be indexing the site and ranking it […]

  • Web Design vs. Web Development

    Although web design and web development are technically different parts of building a website, many small companies may not think they will be able to afford to hire separate agencies to handle each aspect of their online strategy. However, having both areas professionally addressed may be wise, and money well spent. Web design refers mainly to what the visitors will see when they get to your site, which includes how the site appears, the themes, and the layout. These are all very important parts of your site, and should be handled by experts whenever possible. Web development refers to slightly […]

  • Great Web Design and Development Requires an Interactive Site

    Having an online business requires that you have a great website, but web design and development is often over the heads or beyond the skill levels of most entrepreneurs. The good news is, help is definitely available for these elements of your online marketing plan, and you can work with full service companies like Gadzoog to get a great website that is not only functional, but attractive and will help to promote your company in a positive way. Interactive websites are definitely a trend in internet marketing today. An interactive site will help to not only keep the interest of […]


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