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  • Using Social Media to Increase Traffic and Conversions

    Social media marketing can be very powerful, but using it well, and using it effectively, takes more than just getting a ton of “likes” to your Facebook page or getting tons of followers on Twitter. There is definitely more to the story. When you work with an SEO agency that has skilled marketing personnel on board to help you with developing a strong social media campaign, you will see that your results are far greater than they might be if you were to just try and get some attention through the typical means. Here are three reasons why you should […]

  • New Ideas From Facebook Graph Search

    Facebook is now offering, on a limited basis, Facebook Graph Search, a new search tool that allows users to get search results based on the popularity of certain Pages among their friends, as well as the relevance to their search query. People who come up in the results are listed in a separate area than Businesses or Pages, allowing potential customers to instantly see how relevant a business may be to their search. There are several things that online marketing companies are recommending for internet marketers relative to their search engine optimization and how it relates to Facebook Graph Search. […]

  • Leverage Your Exposure With Twitter

    When it comes to increasing brand awareness, Twitter has become one of the most popular tools around. Surveys indicate that more than 80% of small business owners are using Twitter, are you in that group? This social media channel has plenty to offer to business owners looking to increase their exposure on the internet. Internet marketing agencies are including social media networks, like Twitter, to help internet marketing specialists spread the word about their content and get an edge on the competition. When added to your regular SEO plan, Twitter can make your results even better. Getting leads from social […]

  • Track the Social Media ROI for Your Business

    If you are running a small to medium sized business (SMB), then you are probably getting increasingly involved in the social media networks as part of your online marketing plan. The amount of exposure that you can gain using this method of advertising online is tremendous, and takes little effort when done well. When added to your regular SEO plan, you can really get a boost on your conversion rates. The trick is to get an accurate read on the return on investment (ROI) for the social media methods, meaning you need to have an understanding how much profit are […]

  • How to Advertise Online With Social Media

    Social media networking can be a whole lot more productive that it appears. It does not have to be limited to people putting up incriminating pictures or letting you know that they are changing their laundry, then having another cup of coffee. Online marketing agencies are using social media in very powerful ways, to help webmasters with extensive online marketing campaigns, and it is becoming more powerful and effective. Think of social media as a way of connecting with a much larger network of people than those who are included on your email lists, or those who make it to […]


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