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  • New Ideas From Facebook Graph Search

    Facebook is now offering, on a limited basis, Facebook Graph Search, a new search tool that allows users to get search results based on the popularity of certain Pages among their friends, as well as the relevance to their search query. People who come up in the results are listed in a separate area than Businesses or Pages, allowing potential customers to instantly see how relevant a business may be to their search. There are several things that online marketing companies are recommending for internet marketers relative to their search engine optimization and how it relates to Facebook Graph Search. […]

  • 4 Tips for Optimizing Your Social Media

    Because social media is rapidly growing in power, it makes sense to start optimizing your posts and your presence on these networks accordingly. The most cutting edge online marketing agencies are helping their clients make sure that their social media gets the word out about their companies as effectively as possible. Many internet users are getting their information primarily from the social media networks, and using the traditional search engines less and less. Finding local restaurants, a dentist or a collision shop can all be done using social media. Getting your company to be noticed in these results is important. […]


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