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  • Facebook Hashtags For Marketing – Who Cares?

    Facebook announced the introduction of hashtags to their platform. Starting today, hashtags will be clickable and will allow users to view public posts containing the hashtag, and will also allow for Instagram linking. This is actually great news from an social media marketing perspective. ­­Here’s who actually cares about this integration: 1)   Facebook Users Research has already determined that users are starting to utilize Facebook less often then they once did. Users are now migrating to other platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, etc. All of these platforms utilize hashtag search capabilities. Now that Facebook has integrated this capability, […]

  • Using Social Media to Increase Traffic and Conversions

    Social media marketing can be very powerful, but using it well, and using it effectively, takes more than just getting a ton of “likes” to your Facebook page or getting tons of followers on Twitter. There is definitely more to the story. When you work with an SEO agency that has skilled marketing personnel on board to help you with developing a strong social media campaign, you will see that your results are far greater than they might be if you were to just try and get some attention through the typical means. Here are three reasons why you should […]

  • Take Your Social Media Marketing to a Mobile Level

    All of your internet marketing solutions need to work well together in order to make your website successful. This means that your search engine optimization, social media marketing, email marketing, blogging, mobile marketing and more all have to be cohesive and aiming toward the same goals. Integrating social media marketing into your mobile marketing strategy is going to be very helpful. If you consider how many people are using social media networks to get information, news and contact from others, then you realize that there is significant power in this method of marketing. When you add in how many of […]

  • 3 Major Steps to Successful Social Media Marketing

    Successful social media marketing can lead to huge, game changing effects on your business plan. The right social media marketing is extremely effective. Focusing on the results, and the steps that you need to take to see those results is what you need to be thinking about as you incorporate social media into your online marketing plan. Social media does take time, but many surveys report that small businesses can see results (increased traffic and conversions) by investing less than 10 hours per week on their social media. If you don’t personally have this kind of time, you can work […]

  • How Social Media Marketing Strengthens Your Connections

    Choosing to use social media marketing as a way to strengthen your connections with your leads and your customers is a wise move in today’s internet marketing arena. You can leverage the power of social media and help funnel it into your online strategy, getting closer to success every step of the way. Social media marketing is a skill, and although most people are perfectly capable of using social media for their personal purposes just fine, if you are choosing to use it as a marketing tool then you might want to enlist the help of a professional company, like […]

  • Effects of Social Media on Your SEO

    There is little dispute that social media networking will help broaden your search engine optimization solution. There is, however, some debate about how much it can affect your ROI and conversions. Measuring the effects of social media is a bit of a gray area still, and determining how extensive the effects are is often somewhat subjective. Here are three things that are generally considered by search engine optimization services to be good indicators that your social media networking is helping your search engine optimization and SEO techniques: 1. Tracking leads: When you track the source of your traffic and your […]

  • Knowing How Social Media Can Help Your SEO

    With the huge push toward social media, many webmasters seem to be ignoring their traditional search engine optimization solutions and leaning toward this new twist. While social media is important, and should be incorporated into your online strategy, to do so at the expense of your regular SEO techniques may ultimately do your site harm, rather than good. Distinguishing between the good advice and what to ignore when it comes to social media marketing, it may take the help of a search marketing firm to get the right idea. Balancing all of the aspects of your search engine optimization along […]

  • Better Your Brand With Marketing and SEO

    Building your brand is a long term goal for most internet marketers. Developing the brand awareness, visibility and recognition that you need to see the lucrative results you are hoping for does not happen overnight. All online companies are trying to get bigger, and internet marketing is definitely more competitive than ever. The only way to the top is by combining several different techniques and methods, in an effort to reach the most number of people the most number of times. This means you need to be familiar with internet marketing techniques, traditional marketing techniques, search engine optimization techniques, social […]

  • How Social Media is Tied to SEO

    Social media and search engine optimization are becoming more and more connected. Online marketing firms are developing packages that help internet marketing specialists get their small businesses up and running, at least for the online portion of the business. Search engines are beginning to consider social media relevance in the algorithms, making it a good time to get more involved. Involvement with social media can help a website become more quickly established as an authority site. This occurs because of the increased traffic, the increased number of inbound links and the increased content that can come from the use of […]

  • How Social Do You Have to Be for Search Marketing Success?

    Maybe you have always been a bit of a wallflower, and this may actually be one reason why internet marketing has always been alluring to you. You can be very successful, yet still keep a comfortable distance from socializing with people and a certain degree of anonymity. Doing business online can make this much easier. But, there is now a new problem when it comes to avoiding the social contact required for business success. You can’t avoid it any longer. In order to be successful with search engine marketing, you have to now develop your social presence with your network, […]


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