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  • Online Reputation Management Highlights

    Maintaining your online reputation requires more than just getting rid of bad reviews. You have to be very proactive, especially about developing your online reputation in the first place, using good branding techniques, good customer relations, and demonstrating a commitment to a quality user experience and overall satisfaction. Fortunately, when you are focused on these aspects, your reputation will often fall into place, and you will secure a loyal following that will help you promote your brand and your products, not make you act defensively to recover from reputation damage. When you are proactive about your reputation, not only can […]

  • Make Bad News Go Away With Reputation Management

    Bad news can take a few different forms in the world of internet marketing. When you are hoping that large numbers of people are able to get information about your company, your products and your services, then you want to be able to put out the best information possible. Your online reputation is critical to your business, whether you are online or offline. Reputation management is sometimes necessary to fix problems, regardless of the source of the problems. Many Potential Sources There are many ways in which bad information can show up about your company or your products and services. […]

  • Reputation Management is a Responsibility

    As an internet marketing specialist, one of your responsibilities is to manage your online reputation. This means that you need to know, at all times, what is being said about your company or your goods and services. Unless you know the facts, keeping a great online reputation will be a challenge. Unfortunately, all it can take to tarnish your reputation is one customer who is unsatisfied or angry, regardless of whether or not they are justified in their opinions. With so many sites accepting customer reviews, one bad post can lead to more, which can lead to traffic loss and […]

  • What You Can Expect From Reputation Management Services

    Finding out that someone has published bad or negative information about your company online is sometimes a shock. Maybe you saw it coming, from a dissatisfied customer that you simply could not please, perhaps there is a disgruntled employee that seems to be out to get you. Or maybe it is some other, completely unknown and unexpected occurrence. Whatever the case may be, it is something that you want to immediately address and begin the process of fixing. In the internet marketing world, this is known as reputation management services. There are services available online, usually from internet marketing and […]

  • Control Your Online Reputation

    Any time a user searches and finds your company in the results, you want them to only see positive information about your company. Any negative reviews or negative press is going to be a problem. Unfortunately, in today’s “instant access” world, an unhappy customer can wreak havoc on the reputation of a company, quite quickly. The good news is, you can fight back against the negative press with reputation management services, such as those provided by Gadzoog. When you participate in a reputation management program, your search marketing firm will promote a large quantity of positive information and positive reviews […]

  • How to Add a Human Voice to Your Online Presence

    The internet can be a highly impersonal place, at least it was until the not-so-distant past. Social media has entered the world, and exploded-mainly because it provides exactly what was missing from the internet and the communication available, it provides a human touch. Online marketing companies realize this, and will encourage most internet marketers to include a strong social media presence, if they want to be effective and successful. When you write your blog posts, it is important that you find a way to “speak” to your audience. People who spend large amounts of time online often feel a disconnect […]

  • 3 Ways SEO Can Help With Reputation Management

    A good reputation is essential for good business. Creating that reputation is usually a priority for most businesses, it doesn’t matter if you are talking about whether the business is online or offline. Establishing a reputable brand is part of any good marketing plan. One problem that many online companies run into is that they discover, often long after the fact, unfavorable comments or negative information about their company that has been posted. Sometimes the only sign is that traffic or sales drop, but there are often effects. Fortunately, there are online marketing services that can help you with taking […]


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