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  • Top 3 Ideas for PPC Landing Pages

    The best pay per click (PPC) campaigns are detail oriented, and have great landing pages and lead capture forms to go along with them. When visitors arrive, they are virtually left with no alternative than to follow through, since what they are presented with is so great. As you know well, not all PPC campaigns are this successful, and this is because of a variety of reasons. But when you focus on strong lead generation strategies, by using great PPC landing pages, you can increase your conversions significantly, leading to much higher profits. The idea behind a landing page is […]

  • Should You Focus on PPC or SEO?

    Successful internet marketing requires that you integrate a number of different marketing methods and ideas, and roll them all into one cohesive marketing plan that covers all of your bases. One of the great debates in the internet marketing community is whether or not you should focus on pay per click management or concentrate on basic search engine optimization. The answer is not so simple, but basically most SEO experts are going to tell you that you need to use both for best results. There are many benefits to using PPC on your website, but keeping track of the details […]


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