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  • Facebook Hashtags For Marketing – Who Cares?

    Facebook announced the introduction of hashtags to their platform. Starting today, hashtags will be clickable and will allow users to view public posts containing the hashtag, and will also allow for Instagram linking. This is actually great news from an social media marketing perspective. ­­Here’s who actually cares about this integration: 1)   Facebook Users Research has already determined that users are starting to utilize Facebook less often then they once did. Users are now migrating to other platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, etc. All of these platforms utilize hashtag search capabilities. Now that Facebook has integrated this capability, […]

  • Email Marketing That Your Customers Won’t Dispise

    Email marketing has become one of the cornerstones of effective internet marketing. It also has an inherit problem: many subscribers get extremely annoyed by the emails they receive from businesses. Instead of purchasing, they disengage and unsubscribe. Needless to say, this is the worst possible outcome for businesses hoping to use their lists to build their customer base. However, with a little bit of careful planning, there is a real solution. it’s possible to take your email marketing from painful to powerful, boosting subscriber engagement and turning your subscribers into sales. That’s why we’re doing this after all isn’t it? […]

  • The new, REAL, SEO

    The gold rush that was once SEO is definitely changing these days. Every entrepreneur with an online business understands the significance of search engine optimization. SEO is what makes your business stand out from other businesses online. That being said, SEO is a constantly changing field, with major updates being released every now and then by Google. First, there was Panda which targeted websites with duplicate, thin, or stolen content and then there was Penguin which targeted websites with unnatural links, spun content and stuffed keywords. A few days ago, Google released its Penguin 2.0 algorithm that goes deeper than […]

  • The Kind of Content That Gets You Noticed

    By now, you are listening to the advice of all of the online marketing companies and adding fresh content regularly to your site. Hopefully, you are using your keywords, titles, tags and anchor text effectively and seeing a steady rise in your search engine placement for your targeted keywords. Are there things that you can do to tweak your content to try and get even more visibility? Yes! Since not all content is created equal, there are certain kinds that may help you to get more visibility than just a regular post or article. Try these suggestions: 1. Invite comments: […]

  • Catering to the Content Skimmers

    When composing your content for your site and your blog, you may put endless hours into getting it “just right.” You are considering your audience, their interest level, the targeted keywords, the images the length of the post and more. It’s a bitter pill to swallow when you consider that most of your readers will simply skim the content, barely reading it. Yes, you will have some readers who scour each and every word, hungrily devouring everything you have to say, but the majority of your readers are trying to get as much as possible done in the least amount […]

  • Should You Outsource Your Online Marketing?

    In a world where outsourcing just about every business service is becoming the norm rather than the exception, it’s no wonder so many businesses consider having their online marketing handled off-site. If you’re wondering which path makes the most sense, and whether you’d be better off handling your own internet marketing or turning the task over to an experienced web marketing company, let’s take a look at your options. The first step in determining whether or not you should outsource your online marketing is to consider what this term actually entails. Many small businesses mistakenly believe that online marketing is […]

  • How Smaller Online Businesses Can Find Success

    One of the great things about internet marketing is that any company, of any size, can actually be profitable and successful. This doesn’t mean that you should start selling televisions online and try to compete with Best Buy, but you can easily find a niche that has plenty of room and find yourself able to make money online. What matters most is not size, and not even search engine optimization, but how you handle the customers when you have the chance. Online marketing firms can give you the chance, but then it’s up to you to get the deal sealed. […]

  • 5 Reminders About Internet Marketing

    Internet marketing is certainly not new to the business scene, but it is definitely an industry that is constantly changing and evolving. When it comes to search engine optimization, it seems that the recommended methods are changing faster than most online marketing specialists can keep up with. Internet marketing agencies, at least the ones that are any good, have no shortage of customers. Keeping a site ranked well with a good search engine placement is tricky in some cases, because you never know just exactly what it is that is keeping it there or causing it to change in one […]

  • 3 Ways Surveys can Help Improve Your Online Marketing Efforts

    One of the most important components of good online marketing is understanding what your target audience wants and needs. Perhaps the most effective and timely way to accomplish this is through the use of online surveys. Yet, many businesses are still not leveraging this powerful tool. If you’re still on the fence about whether or not surveys can help improve your online marketing efforts, here are three things to consider. Surveys help you better define your market. If you’re going to be successful at any type of business, the most important thing is to know exactly who you should be […]

  • 3 Reasons to Use Remarketing

    Remarketing, or targeting a visitor through a paid ad that would be displayed to them once they have left your site (with the idea being to draw them back), is widely recognized by most Internet marketing firms as a solid way to increase conversions and it is a marketing technique that has a generally high return on investment (ROI) as compared with many other advertising techniques. Here are three main reasons that you should consider using remarketing, and particularly the new remarketing tool that was recently released by Google, to increase your conversions and see more profits from your website: […]


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