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  • Top 4 Ways to Retain Customers

    Companies pour tons of their money into customer acquisition. In most industries, it costs about 8-10 times more to acquire a new customer rather than retain an existing customer. Why then, do so many customers focus on acquiring new customers, when they might be in a better position if they could retain more customers? It doesn’t matter whether you are selling boots or providing online marketing services, you need to keep your customers coming back for more. The cost of acquiring and retaining customers will actually vary widely across different industries, but the value of customer loyalty remains high across […]

  • 4 Effective Podcasting Ideas for Online Marketing

    Visual communication is an incredibly important part of the online marketing solutions used by any Internet business. Including pictures, infograms, charts and videos can help to engage customers and visitors to your site. Internet marketing requires creative thinking, and developing and using podcasts may be one way that online marketers can explore their creative side, while making progress toward their goals of online success. Here are a few ideas that can help make your podcast more effective and a better part of your plan: 1. Practice the podcast before you record it. Everybody stammers and stutters when they speak, or […]

  • 4 Online Marketing Solutions that will Attract New Clients to Your Business

    The way businesses handle new client acquisition today is quite different than it was just a few short decades ago, when a simple Yellow Pages ad would suffice. Nowadays the majority of consumers are turning to the Internet when they need to find a product or service, and if your business isn’t actively present online, you’re most definitely missing out. These 4 online marketing solutions will provide your business with the tools you need to establish yourself prominently on the web, reach your target audiences exactly where they are, and draw them in as new customers. Google Ranking Matters – […]


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