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  • QR Codes Becoming a More Popular Choice

    By now you probably are quite familiar with QR codes, possibly even using them yourself to get onto mailing list and gain information about products and companies. But, are you using them for your own company? They can be a powerful way to generate leads for your company and help you to expand your product visibility. And, being simple and inexpensive to create, they make a nice addition to your online marketing plan, when used effectively. QR codes, otherwise known as “quick response” codes, are the black and white symbols that look something like a distorted bar code. That symbol […]

  • Take Your Social Media Marketing to a Mobile Level

    All of your internet marketing solutions need to work well together in order to make your website successful. This means that your search engine optimization, social media marketing, email marketing, blogging, mobile marketing and more all have to be cohesive and aiming toward the same goals. Integrating social media marketing into your mobile marketing strategy is going to be very helpful. If you consider how many people are using social media networks to get information, news and contact from others, then you realize that there is significant power in this method of marketing. When you add in how many of […]

  • Do Videos Work Well with Mobile Marketing?

    Mobile marketing is really taking off, but some webmasters are not being entirely careful when trying to enter the mobile market. It is not exactly apples and apples when comparing it to the regular computer world, and some special handling is required. Not everything that is on your current site is easily switched to the mobile platform, but most of it can be worked in just fine, if you know what you are doing or have professional help. One area that is frequently asked about is videos, and how well they work when used with a mobile marketing plan. Videos […]

  • Mobile Marketing Tips for Good Branding

    Over a hundred million users cannot really be wrong, can they? The number of smart phone users is at least that high now, and those statistics are growing rapidly. Mobile internet usage is at a tipping point, and the number of mobile users is just about to overtake the number of users who are on traditional desktop PCs. This means, for businesses, that getting on board with mobile technology and mobile marketing is no longer an option that can be ignored. Ignore it now, and you will be left behind by the competition who is embracing the trend. Fortunately, mobile […]

  • Is Your Company On the Go? Mobile Marketing Tips

    Unless you have hopped onto the mobile bandwagon, your company will be quickly left in the dust as the billions of smart phone users opt to interact with companies that have embraced the new trend in technology. If your target audience includes mobile phone users (and there are seriously going to be very few demographic groups that do not fall into this category), then mobile marketing is something that you definitely want to explore. There is truly unimagined potential at the moment when it comes to mobile marketing. Right now, there are hundreds of thousands of new mobile users activated […]

  • Increase Your Mobile Marketing Success

    As you move toward a more comprehensive search marketing solution, mobile marketing needs to be addressed. Many search engine optimization firms are focusing on making existing websites more mobile compatible, or designing responsive sites that are capable of being used by both mobile and regular users. Channeling energies into updating and improving the mobile aspects of your site will help you interact with more users, ultimately leading to higher conversion rates. Three things to consider when updating your site to be more acceptable on mobile devices: 1. Responsive web design: This type of programming will help you because it allows […]

  • Exploiting Mobile Marketing to Boost SEO

    You may be tiring of hearing about mobile marketing, since it is just about everywhere, around every corner that you turn. Nearly every site you find on the internet is going to be involved with or mentioning mobile marketing and the explosion that is occurring with its popularity. Search engine optimization companies are constantly updating their clients’ sites to be more accessible on mobile devices, and the world is becoming more and more “on the go,” with fewer people sitting at a desktop computer and surfing the web. So, even if you have tired of reading and hearing about mobile […]

  • The Big Picture for SEO This Year

    Everyone is busy making their resolutions come alive at this point in the New Year. Hopefully you haven’t already abandoned yours! Focusing on improving your website should be topping your list, if you are planning on success in the internet marketing world, and getting your SEO techniques brushed up so that you can watch your search engine placement rise over the next year should be a priority. Following some of the important updates from last year, you have to remember to be focused on the overall quality of your site, and the users’ experience. Here are three things to ask […]

  • 5 Things to Avoid for Successful Mobile Marketing

    Successful companies are establishing their own strongholds in the Internet marketing world. Online marketing firms are working hard to develop apps that are attractive and functional for consumers, with the hopes that they will use the app and spend more money on their goods and services. For many companies, it is working well. Here are five things that successful companies are NOT doing in order to retain their customers and boost profits through mobile marketing: 1. Having a “one size fits all” approach. Successful companies are allowing consumers, and building apps accordingly, to select personal preferences. These preferences may be […]

  • 5 Tips to Boost Your Mobile Marketing Results

    A few months ago we covered the basics of mobile marketing, which is leveraging mobile technology to reach more customers and potential customers and engage with them wherever they might be at any given moment. Well, with the number of people who own smartphones expected to reach a billion in just a few short years, this marketing method is not going away any time soon, and if you’re not tapping into it, you’re missing out. The good news is it’s never too late. Here are 5 tips to help you break into mobile marketing with a bang. Make Communications Mobile-Friendly […]


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