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  • 4 Tips for Customizing Your Keyword Research for Your Market

    Keyword research is an ongoing effort for most internet marketers. You cannot simply do some keyword research when you get started and just let the machine work from there. You have to do some ongoing research to ensure that you are in fact using the keywords that are most important for your particular market, for your customers. Keyword research is a critical part of any online marketing plan, and one that should be a priority. Online marketing companies often spend a great deal of time ensuring the accuracy and relevance of keywords, if you are doing it yourself then you […]

  • Back to Basics: 4 Keyword Research Mistakes to Avoid

    Keyword research is essentially the foundation for any great SEO campaign. Without this fundamental piece of the puzzle, it is difficult to get ahead and get your site ranked in the SERPs. Many webmasters just don’t take keyword research seriously enough, and this will ultimately limit how much SEO can be done, and how much it can help. Online marketing firms often specialize in keyword research, which can help you build a solid SEO plan. Here are four common mistakes when it comes to keyword research that you want to avoid: 1. Looking for broad match: When it comes to […]

  • Selecting The Right Keywords When Doing SEO

    Search Engine Optimization can have an extremely high rate on return, if the proper keyword research is conducted. When it comes to selecting keyword phrases related to your business, you need to know which keywords will yield the highest converting traffic. To determine the profitability of any keyword phrase, we need to calculate a few different factors. Listed below, I will systematically break down those factors and how they play a key role in any successful optimization campaign. • Intent The first thing we need to analyze is the intent of what the search engine user is looking for. The […]


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