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  • 7 Ways to Get Higher Quality Leads from Your Website

    Every year business owners spend thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars ineffectively trying to market their website. Many either neglect or are unaware of the tools available to them which would allow for enhancing the efficiency of their campaign and cut costs simultaneously. By following the 7 steps in this conversion optimization guide, you stand a significantly better chance at achieving your businesses, financial, and marketing goals. Have a prominent call to action Some of the questions that you need to ask yourself: • Does my website have a clear call to action? • Is my businesses contact […]

  • The 5 Most Profitable Online Marketing Solutions

    Aside from having an aesthetically pleasing website optimized for conversions, the success of any online campaign is derived from utilizing cost-effective marketing solutions. Obviously, certain marketing solutions will work better than others depending on the services or products of your business. However, the key is trying what has worked for others, analyzing the results, and finally making subtle adjustments. I’m going to systematically break down the 5 most reliable and cost-effective forms of marketing that have proven to yield exceptional results for our clients. Search Engine Optimization I mention SEO first considering that on average, it has proven time and […]

  • Selecting The Right Keywords When Doing SEO

    Search Engine Optimization can have an extremely high rate on return, if the proper keyword research is conducted. When it comes to selecting keyword phrases related to your business, you need to know which keywords will yield the highest converting traffic. To determine the profitability of any keyword phrase, we need to calculate a few different factors. Listed below, I will systematically break down those factors and how they play a key role in any successful optimization campaign. • Intent The first thing we need to analyze is the intent of what the search engine user is looking for. The […]

  • The Benefits of SEO For Your Business

    When considering that people are no longer reading the newspaper or searching phonebooks to find the things that they need, you have to then wonder what new medium they’re using. The answer to that question is online search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. What was originally only implemented in public libraries for finding books has now become the dominant form for finding information, services, and products. As a result of this new transfer from the age of tangible to digital information, there is now a world of efficiencies, profits, and other untold benefits. Below I will systematically break down […]

  • The Importance of Blogging For Your Business

    We’ve all heard about “blogs”, but what are the real benefits and why should we dedicate so much time to maintaining one? Well, blogging can actually serve more functions than what appears initially. When considering that most web users are online to search for information (in one form or another), you have to see a blog as not just significant, but as a necessity. Blogging not only serves as a great platform for providing information to your audience, but can produce significant advantages over your competitors. Below, I will systematically break down those advantages and how you can most efficiently […]


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