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  • Can Controversial Blog Posts Help With SEO?

    You probably understand the importance of adding regular content, and you are hopefully working with an online marketing firm that is committed to getting you the content you need to engage your visitors, and to groom them into loyal followers. When used properly, content and blog posts will serve as a way for you to keep in touch with your customers and followers, and allow them to keep up with what is going on in your niche. Webmasters often find that it can be challenging to continuously come up with new and interesting information, day in and day out. Can […]

  • 5 Common SEO Mistakes

    We’ve said it time and time again – search engine optimization is absolutely critical if a business is to be successful online. Yet, so many businesses opt to try SEO on their own and fail, either because of lack of adequate understanding of the various techniques, or simply making mistakes. Here are 5 common SEO mistakes that will help you identify whether your business’s web marketing efforts are missing the mark. Bad Quality or Duplicate Content – It’s incredibly tempting to “borrow” content from another source online and use it for your own blog or website, but it will hurt […]

  • 5 Things to Avoid for Successful Mobile Marketing

    Successful companies are establishing their own strongholds in the Internet marketing world. Online marketing firms are working hard to develop apps that are attractive and functional for consumers, with the hopes that they will use the app and spend more money on their goods and services. For many companies, it is working well. Here are five things that successful companies are NOT doing in order to retain their customers and boost profits through mobile marketing: 1. Having a “one size fits all” approach. Successful companies are allowing consumers, and building apps accordingly, to select personal preferences. These preferences may be […]


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