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  • A SEO Story – Wile E. Coyote vs. The Road Runner

    Depending on your age, you’ll remember Wile E. Coyote and The Road Runner. They were a pair of cartoon characters from Looney Tunes that started back in 1948. I remember watching the old re-runs as a kid back in the day, and I always had a good laugh at the antics Wile E. Coyote would go through in order to catch the Road Runner. Thinking about the antics of them got me thinking about the antics in today’s SEO space. That is, the antics of good SEO and bad SEO. Not following? I’ll show you what I mean. Wile E. […]

  • Calculating the ROI on Your Content

    The return on investment for any one part of your online marketing plan is difficult to accurately calculate. Each aspect of your business plan will have a different value. One of the highest values might actually be your content, as this is often what drives traffic and sales. The ROI for your content comes in many forms, here are a few of the major things to consider when you are trying to accurately calculate the ROI on your content generation plan: 1. Lead generation: One of the major things that content generation will do for you is to generate leads […]

  • 4 Tips for Developing Re-Usable Content for Your Site

    Constant content generation is required when you are trying to increase visibility and traffic to your site. One of the keys to being able to generate tons of content is by creating content that can be used and re-used in multiple ways, thereby maximizing your efforts and giving you the kind of content that keeps on generating leads and traffic, as well as interest in your products and services. When your content can be repurposed, you can get a lot of mileage out of it. This does not mean that you should be just posting and reposting the same stuff, […]

  • Better Listening Makes for Better Content Marketing

    When developing content for your website, you should always be aiming to create the kind of content that your visitors want. This might seem like a bit of a mystery at first, but you can get to the bottom of it quickly. There are definitely things that you can do to help the situation. When you are paying attention to what your visitors want, you not only please the visitors and make them want to come back—but, Google (and the other search engines) notice that you are putting forth special efforts to make the user experience more valuable, and you […]

  • 4 Ways to Strengthen Your Content Marketing Strategy and Boost SEO

    Yes, it is true that content is important, but there are different ways to present the content so that it can be made to be more effective. How your content is received by your visitors is important, because sites with good content will have lower bounce rates and higher conversions, two things that internet marketers are always in search of, and two things that are important for your SEO. Here are four ways that an SEO firm can help to make your content more powerful and boost your content marketing strategy: 1. Blog Layout: Make sure that they layout of […]

  • Best Internet Marketing Practices for Content Generation

    Content generation is definitely a part of any successful internet marketing plan. But there are differing opinions about how you develop your content marketing strategy, including what types of content you should be focused on and how often you need to be posting. Is there such a thing as too much content? Depends on who you ask. Most SEO marketing companies will tell you that there is no such thing as having too much content, but then again, if they are trying to get your business, then they may want to encourage you to hire them to produce the content […]

  • Using Co-Occurrence to Benefit Your SEO

    One of the latest buzzwords in the SEO community is co-occurrence. This term refers to the number of times certain words or phrases are referred to within a certain text or within a certain proximity of each other. For example, if your company name and the words “patio furniture” are referred to multiple times on a page, Google assumes they are related, and uses this factor of co-occurrence to help index your site accordingly. This does help in many instances where there could be some ambiguity; for example, having the search engines recognize whether the word “bat” refers to the […]

  • Content Generation for Small Businesses

    Large companies do not face the same pressures as the small fries when it comes to internet marketing. Large companies have the benefit of having name brand companies, ones that people are already familiar with. Small businesses which are relying on internet marketing for increased exposure have to develop strong online strategies in order to get noticed and get people to recognize their brand. Content generation is one way that they can do that. Many search marketing firms that help small businesses grow, like Gadzoog, offer services that help with content generation—one area that many small businesses tend to struggle […]

  • 5 Great Content Examples to Maximize SEO

    Creating content is a must, but there are certain types of content that are naturally going to work better as a search engine optimization solution than others. Google likes to see a variety of content, so consider this when developing your site. Having too much repetition, or only one kind of post over and over is not ideal, but when you shake things up a bit, you will find that the search engines notice. Search engine marketing firms will help you to diversify your content, but you have to understand the process in order for it to work best. Try […]

  • Tips For Finding the Right Mix for Content Marketing

    When you are using different types of content in your marketing plan, you should be thinking about how to combine your SEO techniques with the content marketing plan that you have developed. If you took a survey of all of the consultants at a variety of search marketing agencies, you would be likely to receive a variety of opinions, but there are some aspects that are going to be fairly consistent across different specialists. A well developed content marketing strategy will boost the connections with your target audience, while also helping your search engine optimization strategy become more efficient. Ultimately, […]


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