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  • A SEO Story – Wile E. Coyote vs. The Road Runner

    Depending on your age, you’ll remember Wile E. Coyote and The Road Runner. They were a pair of cartoon characters from Looney Tunes that started back in 1948. I remember watching the old re-runs as a kid back in the day, and I always had a good laugh at the antics Wile E. Coyote would go through in order to catch the Road Runner. Thinking about the antics of them got me thinking about the antics in today’s SEO space. That is, the antics of good SEO and bad SEO. Not following? I’ll show you what I mean. Wile E. […]

  • Content Generation Focuses on Informational Content

    Content generation needs to include more than just putting words on your website pages. There needs to be a plan for your content development, and it has to be comprehensive enough to keep your site afloat and keep your visitors happy enough to not only spend their money or sign up for your services, but to keep on coming back for more. Because the trend is for users to actually enter questions in the keyword searches, providing information is becoming more important than ever. People are becoming less likely to use just keywords as they surf the net for what […]

  • 3 Most Common Content Marketing Mistakes

    So, you think that you have your content marketing strategy down pat? You might be right, but you might also be making some very common mistakes, and doing things that are ultimately backfiring. No internet marketer truly has time and effort to waste, so it can help if you pay close attention to the mistakes made by others and learn from them. This can save you valuable time, and help you meet your internet marketing goals sooner. Great content generation leads to more customers and more visibility. To be effective, your content needs to be of a high quality and […]

  • Content Generation for Small Businesses

    Large companies do not face the same pressures as the small fries when it comes to internet marketing. Large companies have the benefit of having name brand companies, ones that people are already familiar with. Small businesses which are relying on internet marketing for increased exposure have to develop strong online strategies in order to get noticed and get people to recognize their brand. Content generation is one way that they can do that. Many search marketing firms that help small businesses grow, like Gadzoog, offer services that help with content generation—one area that many small businesses tend to struggle […]

  • Developing a Controversial Blog Post for More Traffic

    Let’s face it, blogging can get tedious at times. Day after day you come up with content that is intended to captivate your readers. Ideally, you succeed in doing this most of the time, but, admit it, sometimes it can be fun to stir the pot a little just to get some attention. Writing some controversial blog posts now and then can help you accomplish this. It can also be built right into your regular search engine optimization plan, because you should always be using your keywords and considering your links and text, as well. Controversial blog posts need not […]

  • Strengthen Your Blogging Skills

    Blogging requires a certain amount of skill. You can’t just simply sit down each day and pump out content that is not relevant or the least bit interesting. To be a great blogger, you have to be thinking about your blog, all the time, coming up with new ideas and angles to connect with your audience. Yes, that’s right, connect with the audience. That is the whole point, really. Your audience consists of visitors, the humans who show up at your site looking for information, and it also includes the search engines, which are constantly crawling and indexing your site […]


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