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  • Are You Using Google Analytics for Your SEO?

    Tracking the analytics of your website is one of the most important parts of your search engine optimization solution, because without the data that is collected and analyzed, and then reported, it can be difficult to know exactly which parts of your SEO techniques are working well, and which parts may need to be improved or updated, or even eliminated. When you understand the analytics, you can make your site and the efforts toward SEO more productive. A productive site is going to be a more profitable site, so devoting your efforts to exactly the places where they are going […]

  • How Big Data Changes Online Business Plans

    Analytics is taking a slight turn, especially when it comes to online business. The collection and management, and interpretation, of big data is helping business owners to make more effective decisions about their marketing plan, and theirĀ  SEO techniques. The collection and management of big data is helping online business owners to better track the activities of their customers, and allow them to make relevant marketing decisions as a result. Big data is not necessarily new data, just a different way of collecting and measuring numbers. When you take on big data for your company, you are including your customers […]


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