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SEO is Not Dead… 5 Reasons Why

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With so much buzz being generated by the social media world, some so-called prophets are predicting the death of search engine optimization as we know it. Let’s all take a deep breath and avoid jumping to impulsive conclusions. Although there is now more that you need to do to ensure the success of your website, rest assured that SEO is still alive and well, and you still need to do things to help your site have a strong ranking in the search engines. Or, there are things that you need your online marketing company to do for you. Here are five reasons why you need to still have a strong focus on your SEO techniques:

1. Keywords: Good SEO involves good keyword research and the proper use of the keywords your page titles, tags, anchor text, descriptions and more. Search engines still use these methods to index and rank sites, so SEO has to be more effective, and it is not dead.

2. Updates: Although there was life on the internet before Google, the algorithm updates have shaken up the SEO community. Recovering from lost rankings and recovering lost traffic has required SEO to be stronger and more effective—not dead.

3. Organic results: The search engine results continue to list the best matches based on the organic results of the search. This means that the user entering the keywords will get a listing of sites that Google (or another search engine) deems most appropriate. The information comes primarily from the very much alive SEO strategies used.

4. Social media has added traffic, not taken it away: Some experts claim that social media has taken part of the traffic pie, when, in reality, most internet marketing firms will explain that there are now more internet users than ever because of social media. More people find a reason to be online, and become more comfortable getting their information from the internet than ever before. While social media helps with advertising, you still have to use the living, breathing SEO machine you are used to.

5. Search queries still take up a large portion of internet use: Although some of the social media sites are being used for searches, the primary method for getting information remains a good old fashioned search query using keywords or a keyword phrase. Failure to properly optimize your site to account for this will leave you out of the listings.

Search engine optimization is not dead, it is still thriving. Although there are some new methods for finding information online today, you cannot diminish the power of the regular search engine results. You still want your site to have a high ranking and a good search engine placement, and this will still be the way for you to get the majority of your traffic. Add in the social parts, but don’t replace the search engine optimization that got you this far in the first place. When you work with a comprehensive online marketing agency, you will have the benefit of having the best of both worlds.

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