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SEO and Social Media – A Winning Combination

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It used to be that search engine optimization and social media marketing were two separate online marketing techniques. Yet, as social media has evolved, the two have become indelibly linked together, complimenting one another and sharing the same ultimate goal of gaining a stronger web presence for your brand. That said let’s take a look at a few of the ways SEO and social media go hand in hand in helping you achieve your online marketing goals.

Social Media is Being Ranked – Many people overlook the fact that social media profiles are ranked on search engines, just as with any other content. Establishing a presence on these sites is not only good for brand exposure, but it’s actually believed to be a part of the overall search algorithm.

Search Engines Love Fresh Content – Even more so than blogs, social media profiles like Twitter and Facebook are tremendously effective in getting the attention of the search engines for your brand. Make it a point to be consistent with your social media efforts and always focus on keywords for the best results.

Social Media Helps You Build an Audience – It’s not enough to produce quality content for your blog – you actually need people to read it and, more importantly, share it with others. Social media channels allow you to share your search engine optimized content instantly across multiple channels, improving your reach exponentially.

It’s All about the Links – We all know that one of the most important components of an effective SEO campaign is obtaining quality incoming links. When you increase your network through social media channels, you’ll inevitably increase your chances of getting your audience to link back to your website or blog. Give them quality content, and they’ll naturally want more.

Blogs Are Social Too – When most people think of social media, they think of networks like Facebook and Twitter. What they fail to consider is the powerful social aspect of blogs. Guest blogging on a site that has a considerable following can do wonders, both for your brand exposure and for SEO purposes. Just one or two incoming links from an authoritative blog can boost your ranking considerably.

The Social Aspect of Link Building – When you’re doing your link building activities, such as forum posting and blog commenting, don’t forget to include links to your social media profiles in your signature. This shows others that your brand is legitimate and helps to build a sense of trust. Plus, increased traffic to your social profiles often results in a boost in traffic to your main website.

Sharing is Caring – Placing social media buttons throughout your site makes it simple for web visitors to connect with you on a more defined basis and also makes it easy to share your content, which is the ultimate goal. From an SEO perspective, having these social media buttons on your website can show search engines that you are serious about your online presence and lend more credibility to your brand.

Gone are the days when SEO and social media marketing were two separate entities. Now, these two strategies go hand in hand with one another, creating a much more powerful and effective tool in helping businesses achieve their online marketing goals and continued success on the web.

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