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QR Codes Becoming a More Popular Choice

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QR Codes
By now you probably are quite familiar with QR codes, possibly even using them yourself to get onto mailing list and gain information about products and companies. But, are you using them for your own company? They can be a powerful way to generate leads for your company and help you to expand your product visibility. And, being simple and inexpensive to create, they make a nice addition to your online marketing plan, when used effectively.

QR codes, otherwise known as “quick response” codes, are the black and white symbols that look something like a distorted bar code. That symbol contains a series of numbers, lines, images and codes that contain information. You are seeing them everywhere, at nearly every place of business and on nearly every product. People with smart phones can download apps that can then scan the QR code, and they are instantly directed to a website or landing page that provides them with additional information or a promotional offer. QR codes are one of the keys to a great mobile marketing campaign.

Here are three tips for effectively using QR codes as part of your mobile marketing strategy:

1. Create a unique QR code for each product or service on your webpage: If you are using an ecommerce website, then make sure that you create a separate QR code for each product or service. This way, as users scan the QR code for a certain product, they are directed to exactly the information that they were interested in finding. If you are not using an ecommerce site, it is fine to create one QR code for your site.

2. Optimize your website for mobile users: If you are using QR codes as part of your mobile marketing plan, then make sure that your site is fully accessible to mobile users. If they arrive to find that they cannot properly navigate your site or if they cannot access the entire site, they will be disappointed. Plus, it appears highly inconsistent to have the latest technology of a QR code lead to a site that is behind the times.

3. Optimize your site for local search: If you are using QR codes, then you are trying to capture certain people in certain places at certain times. Make sure that your mobile marketing campaign is optimized for local search and is going to appeal to local users who happen to be snapping a pic of your QR code and heading to your website. Especially if you are trying to get people into the door of your business, local search is even more important.

QR codes are a great way to integrate technology yet again to your advantage. Just about everyone has a smart phone, and loves to use it to get as much information at their fingertips as humanly possible. QR codes are not only useful for you as an internet marketer, they are cool and fun for the users and you will get a boost in traffic just because people want to check out what it is all about. Some of those people will, most likely, become paying customers or repeat visitors, so QR codes are a smart addition to your mobile marketing strategy.

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