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  • How Do You Know that Your Email Marketing is Working?

    With so many different internet marketing solutions combined for your overall marketing strategy, it can be challenging to tease out how each part is working on its own, and how the collaboration of methods can ultimately lead to success. Understanding how each component of your marketing plan is contributing can help you make the necessary changes and adjustments to your strategy, so that you can truly make the most out of each internet marketing solution. When you are working with an SEO company, you can often get a “bundle” of services, and, although this is a very popular and practical […]

  • Tales from Penguin 2.0

    As many webmasters and SEO (search engine optimization) professionals alike know, Google’s second major installment of the Penguin update was recently released. The Penguin updates main goal is to cut down on spam, and penalize sites who use black hat SEO methods and link building strategies. On the other hand, the update works to reward sites who use white hat SEO and those that follow Google’s recommendations by not spamming low-quality backlinks to their website like many black hat SEO methods recommend. Once Matt Cutts released a tweet signaling that Penguin 2.0 was coming soon many webmasters from all over the world […]

  • Top Tips for Useful Titles and Tags

    Titles and tags provide more than just help for the search engines as they index your site. They provide useful information to the users who arrive at your site, and help them understand the purpose and intent of the pages and links. Unless your titles and tags are informative and relevant, your site will not only flounder in the search engine rankings, but also be difficult for users to understand and navigate. Considering the fact that Google is placing such a high level of importance on the satisfaction of the visitors and users, you want to make sure that every […]

  • 3 Ways to Use Images for Brand Development in Social Media

    It is not enough to create regular posts, tweets and status updates, if you want to promote your business or your goods and services through the social media networks. More and more people are relying on the images that are presented, as they scroll through their ever-growing news feeds to find what grabs their attention. Images are well known to be an effective way to grab the attention of a visitor, so using them as a part of your tweets and status updates can help to draw people to your posts as they scroll through the many text-only posts around […]

  • Ways to Optimize Your Digital Resources

    Your website is an important digital resource for your online business. When you develop a marketing plan for your internet business, you have to take into consideration all of the resources that you have, and use them as effectively as possible. Resources include the money that you can invest in the business, the manpower and energy that is available to run the company, the quality of the website and marketing materials that you have, and your thorough business plan. Each of these factors will play an important part in the success of your business. Optimizing your digital resources will take […]

  • The new, REAL, SEO

    The gold rush that was once SEO is definitely changing these days. Every entrepreneur with an online business understands the significance of search engine optimization. SEO is what makes your business stand out from other businesses online. That being said, SEO is a constantly changing field, with major updates being released every now and then by Google. First, there was Panda which targeted websites with duplicate, thin, or stolen content and then there was Penguin which targeted websites with unnatural links, spun content and stuffed keywords. A few days ago, Google released its Penguin 2.0 algorithm that goes deeper than […]

  • More Google Updates Hit

    The time has finally come, the long awaited algorithm update that has been chattered about ever since the first Google Penguin update. Webmasters everywhere have been anxiously awaiting this release, and wondering how it will affect their websites, and their online business. This week, Google finally put the update out there, and people are again scrambling, deciding how best to adjust their SEO tactics so that the impact is not as severe as it was with the last few updates. The Time Has Come for New Changes Fortunately, the update (this time) is geared more toward truly reducing the amount […]

  • Content Generation Focuses on Informational Content

    Content generation needs to include more than just putting words on your website pages. There needs to be a plan for your content development, and it has to be comprehensive enough to keep your site afloat and keep your visitors happy enough to not only spend their money or sign up for your services, but to keep on coming back for more. Because the trend is for users to actually enter questions in the keyword searches, providing information is becoming more important than ever. People are becoming less likely to use just keywords as they surf the net for what […]

  • Keep Your Customers Happy and Boost Your Brand

    Customers can often stay loyal to a certain company or a certain brand indefinitely, unless either something specific happens that causes them to want to change, or another company comes around and happens to charm the customer at a time when they may be feeling a bit ignored by their favorite company. Like any relationship, the ones that you form with your customers are going to be critical for your brand development and brand management. Continuing to be recognized as a top notch company is critical. When your customers start to lose touch with you, the door opens for someone […]

  • Small Business Internet Marketing Success

    Since internet marketing came onto the scene, nearly 20 years ago now, many small and medium sized businesses have found tremendous success. But, more of them have found failure. Although online shopping has all but replaced regular brick and mortar shopping, and people get most of their information from the internet, it is surprisingly easy to fail at online marketing. SEO firms are working closely with their clients to make sure that these areas are covered. To ensure the success of your internet business is a primary goal, and here are four things that you can do, today, to help […]


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