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Offline Marketing and SEO?

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Can you track offline marketing? Do you really know if your efforts to promote your company outside of your website are effective? Knowing whether your direct mailings, commercials, or print advertising is working is important, but difficult to track unless you know what you are doing. Focusing all of your efforts at website promotion on your SEO may lead you to miss other important advertising avenues, but coordinating online and offline strategies will be important.

Internet marketing companies may help you with your online marketing efforts, but using other methods will be important, too. Here are three ways that you can track your offline marketing efforts by using your SEO techniques to ensure that your methods are effective:

1. Develop Customized Landing Pages for Tracking: When you are trying to use offline efforts to advertise, it can help if you develop landing pages that are specifically geared toward the offer you are advertising offline. This way, as visitors respond to the advertisement, you can know that they arrived at that landing page because of the information they received through your offline marketing efforts. Using your SEO plan, you will keep track of the traffic to this specific URL and what the conversions rate are for that specific offer.

2. Develop Customized Offer Codes for Tracking:If you do not feel it necessary to compose an entirely separate landing page, then you can avoid this by developing a customized offer code, one that allows you to know how visitors found out about your offer. Use separate offer codes for online and offline promotions, and this will make it easier for you to track the visitors and traffic. If you are using discount codes, then you do need to know that your results could be somewhat inaccurate if the offer code is shared on one of the many discount code sites that are set up as a clearinghouse or reference for customers. But, largely, you would know that the visitors using the specific discount codes are getting the offers through offline marketing techniques.

3. Develop Redirect Domain Names for Tracking: Developing multiple domain names that ultimately lead to the same landing page or website may help you when you are using offline advertising. For example, if you use a specific domain name on free refrigerator magnets that you give out to customers at trade shows or other “in person” locations, then you might want the domain name to be slightly different than the one that you are mainly focused on for your online marketing efforts. When you check your analytics, you will find out how many visitors are getting to your site from each domain name.

Combining your online and offline marketing efforts can lead to huge numbers of traffic, but it is important that you are able to keep track of how visitors find you, so that you know where you need to focus your efforts—and how successful and lucrative each component of your advertising campaign is. When you have the data, you can make changes that can make things even better for you.


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