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No More Black Hat Techniques

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When you are working with an online marketing company, you want to make sure that you are only doing business with a firm that is completely committed to using top notch search engine optimization tactics. This means not only tactics that work, but that are also considered to be ethical. You have probably heard the terms “white hat” and “black hat” in reference to search engine optimization, and you want to make entirely sure that you are only involved with “white hat” techniques—the ones considered to be ethical.

Google will significantly penalize sites that are deemed to be using black hat techniques. Here are three things that they consider to be unethical, and things that will quickly send your site flying right out of the top search engine spots:

1. Doorway Pages: This is thought of as a sort of “behind the scenes” or secret way that unethical online marketing firms may try to increase the numbers of visitors to a site. Doorway pages are generally hidden and not included in the site map or overall navigation of the site. They will get noticed by the search engine spiders, because of the keyword stuffing that is typically used but once the visitor arrives, they will not find any information or content related to the keywords. A doorway page will be filled with meaningless text, just keyword after keyword usually, or nonsensical sentences that contain a large percentage of the keywords. It is thought that the purpose of these sites is to clog up the top spots on the search engines, for example, by pushing out a bigger company just by using tons of keywords. This may work very briefly, then the site will probably be banned entirely. Make sure that any Internet marketing agency that you are considering working with has no reputation of using this type of search engine optimization.

2. Redirect Pages: A redirect page is a special kind of landing page that will send visitors to a page that they did not intend to visit. You may have come across these before. Perhaps you were searching for information on running shoes, and clicked on a site in the search engine results, only to be quickly redirected to a site that is promoting online pharmaceutical products. Typically a redirect page can be difficult to close, often requiring the user to shut down the browser to get out. Having Google discover that you have a redirect page somewhere attached to your site will be a huge problem, your site will drop or be banned.

3. Invisible Text: This tricky search engine optimization involves using white text on a white background, and stuffing tons of keywords onto a page. The keywords will not be visible to visitors, only to the search engine spiders. Don’t get caught doing this tricky maneuver, and don’t work with any online marketing firm that has been accused of ever doing this.

The search engines, Google and all of the others, really get perturbed when someone tries to trick them. Don’t get involved with any Internet marketing firm that cannot promise to use only white hat, ethical, search engine optimization. Any quick gains you make in the search engines will be quickly undone as soon as you are found out.

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