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New Ideas From Facebook Graph Search

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Facebook is now offering, on a limited basis, Facebook Graph Search, a new search tool that allows users to get search results based on the popularity of certain Pages among their friends, as well as the relevance to their search query. People who come up in the results are listed in a separate area than Businesses or Pages, allowing potential customers to instantly see how relevant a business may be to their search. There are several things that online marketing companies are recommending for internet marketers relative to their search engine optimization and how it relates to Facebook Graph Search. Making these adjustments and small changes can help significantly boost your visibility in the Facebook Graph Search results and drive more traffic to your site.

The adjustments that need to be made are fairly minimal, if you are already successfully using Facebook Business Pages. But, in the event that your Page needs some clean up, here are a few suggestions, derived from tips that were presented by Facebook originally to help small business internet marketers get in on the action. Here are three main suggestions for you to work on first:

1. Complete Information: Business owners should make sure that they have developed a Facebook Page for their business. The “About” section should be complete, and include not only location, hours and services, but also the specific URL used by the main website for the business.

2. Local Information: Local information should be provided in detail. This helps your Page get picked up any time there is location information typed in the search. Because the Facebook Graph Search also filters in information about how frequently your friends have checked in to a particular location, including your location can be critical to increasing your visibility.

3. Increase Interaction: The more interaction that you have by using your business Page to interact with your friends and followers, the more heavily your site gets weighed in the Facebook Graph Search results. Increase visibility by developing these interactions and frequently posting and updating. Having a large number of likes, check-ins and comments is going to boost your ranking in this search engine.

Once this new tool is fully underway, Facebook Graph Search will ultimately be available to all Facebook users. It is expected that, because of the immense popularity of this social media network, more and more users are going to be looking for information about businesses using the Facebook Graph Search. The next generation is using traditional search engines less and less, as they become more addicted to the social media sites. Just like advertising in the Yellow Pages is now an old fashioned tool, there are other search methods that may eventually fall by the wayside. It makes sense for internet marketers to get their social media presence lifted by participating in the social world. It is becoming just as important, and sometimes maybe more so, than your traditional search engine optimization plan, and should definitely be incorporated into your overall marketing strategy.


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