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More Than SEO: Internet Marketing Trends to Follow

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Internet MarketingStaying current in the ever changing world of online marketing is tough, even for the most dedicated entrepreneurs. Having backup from an experienced search marketing firm can help you stay in control of your search engine optimization, as well as the other internet marketing solutions that you are using to promote your website.

In addition to your regular SEO techniques, there are a few other important trending topics that you should not only be aware of, but pay close attention to, because this is the way of the present and the future of internet marketing. If you want to become (or stay) successful, you will need to have these strategies play a role.

1. Author Ranking: This little trick from Google helps you establish authority, and displays that authority in the search engine results. This is a very good way to get more visibility in the SERPs, because your picture and a quick bio will appear next to articles you post. With the visual cue, users are going to be naturally drawn to that listing right away, increasing the chances that they will click on that link and check out your article. A search marketing firm can help you access and get set up with Google+, which is the first step toward getting your author ranking and having your bio displayed prominently in the SERPs, allowing you to benefit from the added visibility and connection with other Google+ users.

2. Responsive web design: Because of the variety of ways in which users may access your site, you need to be considering using responsive web design so that it loads and views properly on any device, and navigation is universal, allowing users better access to your site when using a smart phone or mobile device. A good search marketing firm can help with this programming. Having a mobile site, along with your regular site, may be another option if responsive web design isn’t in your plans.

3. Heavy content loading: Although the use of high quality and high quantity content is not new by any means, it is becoming more important than ever. You can’t skate by with short pieces, Google now encourages webmasters to post at least 500 word posts or articles, not the old school 300-word pieces that you could get by with. Content still needs to be unique and informative, too.

Search marketing firms can help with each of these internet marketing solutions, and offer support and service so that you can focus on the other business aspects that need development. Attend to your research and development, and find new products and services, or new ways to deliver them. Work on your customer service approach and make sure that every customer is completely satisfied. Or, beef up your social media presence, which will help you to build a strong and sustainable network of leads. Each of these other pieces cannot be ignored, and having a search marketing agency on your side will help you to promote your website in the best way possible, with expert help.

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